Adult Beginner Tennis

Upcoming ‘Love to Learn’ Tennis Opportunities

January 10, 2020
Adult Beginner Tennis

The new year will bring new opportunities for adult beginner players to learn tennis with “Love to Learn” programs at several facilities across Florida.


Love to Learn is a program custom-designed for adult beginners to learn the game of tennis in a fun, fast-paced, no-pressure environment. Pros work with players on shot basics and build on the fundamentals each week to have players rallying and cheering each other on. Ambassadors organize practice outside the clinic starting at week 3 so that players can work on court etiquette, scoring, calling lines and more so you’ll know the ins and outs of the game.


Upcoming Love to Learn Adult Beginner sessions:


The first session is free for most of the events listed above. Loaner racquets will be provided to players who don’t have one. 


“Love to Learn” sessions meet generally once a week for six weeks. Players can then graduate to the Love to Play program which features more advanced match play.


Click here for pricing, session dates, and more information.


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