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2023 Big Book of Colorado Tennis

February 07, 2023


Introducing the 2023 Big Book of Colorado Tennis


The annual Big Book of Colorado Tennis has arrived and is now available online


This year's publication provides parents and players with important information on the benefits of tennis, getting started in the sport and numerous USTA programs catered to the specific age and level of the player. 


Each year, copies of the Big Book are mailed to all USTA member households in Colorado, as well as to USTA Organizational Members acrosse the state. Additional copies are mailed to tennis facilities around Colorado.


This year, USTA Colorado did not print a complete list of upcoming 2023 tournaments, as new tournaments are added throughout the year. We highly encourage parents, players and coaches to utilize the excellent tournament search features linked to the QR codes in the Big Book. Also, USTA produces an excellent Help Guide for tournament registration.


Big Book Shortcuts:

2023 Juniors


2023 Adults




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