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Intermountain / Colorado

JTT State Championships

August 11, 2022

Congratulations to the 2022 Colorado State JTT Champions and Runners-Up

10s (non-gender)

10s Beginner

Champions:    Valor
Runners-Up:    Homestead in the Willows 


10s Intermediate Lo

Champions:    Homestead Farms
Runners-Up:    Skyline Acres


10s Intermediate Hi

Champions:    Denver Country Club
Runners-Up:    Highland Meadows



Boys 12s Beginner

Champions:    Sundance Hills
Runners-Up:    Thunder Ridge


Boys 12s Intermediate Lo

Champions:    Applewood Knolls
Runners-Up:    Preserve Tennis Club


Boys 12s Intermediate Hi

Champions:    Eastmoor 
Runners-Up:    Thunder Ridge


Boys 14s Intermediate Lo

Champions:    Greenwood Athletic Club
Runners-Up:    Eastmoor


Boys 14s Intermediate Hi

Champions:    Columbine Knolls
Runners-Up:    Fort Collins CC


Boys 14s Advanced

Champions:    Pinehurst CC
Runners-Up:    Bow Mar


Boys 18s Intermediate Lo

Champions:    Applewood Knolls
Runners-Up:    Ken Caryl


Boys 18s Intermediate Hi

Champions:    Heritage Village
Runners-Up:    Miramont 


Boys 18s Advanced

Champions:    Foothills Swim & Racquet Club
Runners-Up:    Ken Caryl 



Girls 12s Beginner

Champions:    Coventry
Runners-Up:    Eastmoor 


Girls 12s Intermediate Lo

Champions:    Homestead Farms
Runners-Up:    Applewood Knolls


Girls 12s Intermediate Hi

Champions:    Eastmoor
Runners-Up:    Ken Caryl


Girls 14s Beginner

Champions:    Thunder Ridge
Runners-Up:    Lebsack Tennis Center


Girls 14s Intermediate Lo

Champions:    Broomfield Swim & Tennis
Runners-Up:    Preserve Tennis Club


Girls 14s Intermediate Hi

Champions:    Pueblo Tennis Club
Runners-Up:    Ken Caryl


Girls 18s Intermediate Lo

Champions:    Columbine CC
Runners-Up:    Valley CC


Girls 18s Intermediate Hi

Champions:    Miramont
Runners-Up:    Columbine CC


Girls 18s Advanced

Champions:    Colorado Spring Racquet Club
Runners-Up:    Ken Caryl



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