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Outstanding Sportsmanship

USTA Mid-Atlantic  |  June 16, 2017

Tennis players rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they’re doing” –Dale Carnegie


Okay, so Dale Carnegie wasn’t specifically talking about tennis players when he said that quote, but it can certainly apply to the tennis court! Every tennis player knows how much more fun a match can be when their partner or opponent is having a good time. Sportsmanship is infectious! Throughout the summer, we’ll be highlighting adult and junior players who are recognized for their sportsmanship at an event. First up are the Mixed 18 & Over Regionals.


Virginia Mixed 18 & Over Regionals


Wayne Motley of Richmond was nominated by his opponents for being so much fun to play with; we caught it on video!

Monty Stanford and Donna Bearman, pictured above, were also recognized and awarded sportsmanship pins for their great attitudes on the court!



Maryland Mixed 18 & Over Regionals


The following players were nominated for their outstanding sportsmanship:


Dave Madsen (Frederick): “Dave was friendly and good-spirited when there was a lot of tension and drama on the court next to us with our teammates playing. He definitely eased the tension and made the match more fun!”


Corinna Dragulescu and Erik Avart (Columbia/Howard): “Super nice!”


Rob Collins (Carroll): “Outstanding sportsmanship, very nice”


Linda Blaine and Tom Walsh (Anne Arundel): “Very fair calls, first serves on lets, very nice during changeovers, congratulated us and wished us luck the rest of the tournament, came over and gave us fresh strawberries afterward!”


Wayne Trivette (Frederick): “A ball came on the court and he could have called let, but said it did not affect their play, so he gave us an ace.”


Matt Modderno (Anne Arundel): “Was very fair and congratulated everyone on good shots and points”


Scott Schiller (Frederick) – nominated 3 times! “Reversing incorrect line calls even in a third set tiebreak”


Michael Knowles (Columbia): “Good attitude at all times”


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