USTA Mid-Atlantic  |  September 1, 2017

A true grass roots venture that encapsulates the American spirit of sport, education, and entrepreneurism is making a big mark throughout the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Mid-Atlantic Section, which covers Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. 


The USTA Mid-Atlantic in partnership with TGA Premier Tennis has delivered on its promise to introduce tennis to thousands of Mid-Atlantic children from kindergarten through eighth grade. Using the TGA Premier Tennis model that begins in schools and community centers, the USTA Mid-Atlantic has guided instruction in a fun, yet educational environment, making a big mark in its first year. So much so that they are expanding their reach by adding two more territories in Prince William County, Virginia, and Howard County, Maryland this year.



“The growth we’ve seen with TGA has been very encouraging, both within individual programs as well as into new schools,” said Tara Fitzpatrick-Navarro, CEO of USTA Mid-Atlantic. “We are seeing that through TGA, once a child picks up that racquet for the first time in a fun environment, all they want to do is keep playing and having fun with their friends and coaches. Many of our participants repeat in additional sessions at school, in our camps and in USTA programs, and that’s a testament to the value of the program and our partnership.” 


As of today, the USTA Mid-Atlantic Section is running TGA programs in 78 unique schools, with an impressive 2,900 students participating.  Moving forward the section has their sights on having 12,500 students participating in TGA programs by 2022.  New school districts such as Howard County and Prince William County will see TGA programs soon, thus continuing the successful partnership between the USTA Mid- Atlantic and TGA.


TGA has become a leading introductory and recreational program in the tennis industry already activating over 70,000 new tennis players across the country.


The TGA impact is at several levels. First, by bringing introductory tennis programs directly into schools and community centers through before- or after-school enrichment programs, it is putting tennis on a level playing field with other mainstream sports and youth activities. Second, TGA creates a pathway for students and families from the school and community programs to recreational programs at tennis facilities that include camps, Play Day Series, as well as USTA Junior Team Tennis and Junior Tournaments.


TGA provides all of the equipment for kids at no cost in the program, including its own line of custom tennis equipment to provide all players an affordable option to get into the sport.


Families and schools have embraced the model and its programs because it creates a healthier and safer environment for students at schools and community centers. The school-based curriculum includes tennis skill progression, education subjects and STEAM Labs, in addition to physical fitness and health components.


To read more about TGA and see photos from Mid-Atlantic programs, visit this page.


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