Flex Leagues in the Mid-Atlantic

September 02, 2020

We get it. We are all trying to find ways to feel normal while faced with changes and challenges as the coronavirus pandemic continues.  Playing tennis is one of the ways we can get the normalcy we need. Getting in your game can help you with managing your day to day stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And we can all use a dose of healthy activities these days. 


We know that finding ways to play tennis on your terms, fitting into your schedule, and in a way that meets your unique needs and expectations is more important than ever. But what are the opportunities to play tennis with the competition you crave and the flexibility you need? One option for players looking for tennis with less constraints is Flex Leagues and the USTA Mid-Atlantic Section is excited to offer several this fall season. 

Flex Leagues offer a chance for new and seasoned players to play fun, competitive tennis matches that fit their schedule and interest level. For players new to organized play, Flex League is a perfect opportunity to play matches without pressure. For seasoned league players, Flex Leagues allows you to explore playing new levels, formats, or just being free of the team format.  Best of all, you can meet tennis players in your area who are just as interested in the fun and freedom of a flexible tennis match format.


To illustrate the benefits of Flex League, USTA Mid-Atlantic chatted with Flex League player and busy mom of two small boys, Sarah Woody Lawerence about her Flex League experience.  Read on to hear how she benefits from Flex Leagues and see why playing Flex is the type of tennis you can get into! 


USTA Mid-Atlantic: Where are you from originally?

Herndon, Va.


Tell me about your family?

Married with two kids - ages two and five weeks!


Where do you live now?

Columbia, Md.


How did you get started playing tennis?

My parents started my older sister and me in tennis lessons when we each turned six and I've been playing ever since then!


Which Flex Leagues have you played in?

I've played in the Montgomery County, Md., and Howard County, Md. flex leagues.


How long have you been playing in Flex Leagues and why did you start playing Flex?

Three years. I moved to Howard County from Virginia and I wanted to meet other people who played tennis.


What's the best part of playing Flex Leagues?

I really like meeting new tennis players who are at the same level of play as me. I've made some great friends through Flex League and am still in touch with a lot of them years later. We continue to play even if it's not through Flex League.


What advice do you have for someone interested in Flex Leagues?

Just sign up! Even if you're nervous about making your schedule work or whether or not you'll be at the appropriate skill level, the people who play Flex Leagues are a great group!


USTA Mid-Atlantic encourages everyone to Get Out and Play Tennis. Flex Leagues are being offered around the Section and are a great way to get active on your terms. Find out more about Flex Leagues, where they are being offered near you, and to register now


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