Juniors Win, This Time with Pens

October 08, 2020

USTA Mid-Atlantic youth tennis players all across the section have been finding ways to sharpen their tennis skills and continue to have fun with the game they love. For youth in National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) Chapters in the Mid-Atlantic Section, this past summer they not only put their racquets to work, they got their pens in action too by participating in the 2020 USTA Foundation NJTL Essay Grant presented by Deloitte. 


Two youth from the USTA Mid-Atlantic Section are among just 10 national essay winners in this annual, prestigious program


Tyler DeLon from the Metropolitan Tennis & Education Group was a national winner among 11 to 12-year-olds; and Mason Edmond from the Washington Tennis & Education Foundation was a national winner among 13 to 14-year-olds. 

More than 1,000 entries were submitted this year. All the winning essays are compiled for review as well as brief profiles on each young player.


USTA Mid-Atlantic Section congratulates these two winners on this incredible accomplishment and recognition of their essays. You can add your congratulations to them too, by adding a comment here. 


Youth under the age of 18 representing NJTL chapters from all across the country participate in the annual essay-writing program answering a question that requires research and analysis. They submit their essays for review at the Section and then National level and 10 total winners are selected from across the country. This year, essays addressed the question, “Everyone measures success differently. How do you strive for success in terms of your character development, education, or tennis?”  


The winning essay author’s NJTL chapter each receives a $6,000 total directed grant - $5,000 will be utilized to support the essay author’s in-chapter-related programming participation costs and expenses, and $1,000 will be utilized by the chapter for the administration of the same. 


USTA Mid-Atlantic Section is proud to have 10 Section finalists that advanced on to the national round of the essay program. They include: 


USTA Mid-Atlantic Section Finalist

NJTL Chapter 


Jordyn Knights

Myles McKever


Washington Tennis & Education Foundation

11-12 year olds

Rena-Elizabeth Enwesi

Tyler Delon (National Winner)


Metropolitan Tennis & Education Group

13-14 year olds

Kyndall Lucas

Mason Edmund (National Winner)

Northern Virginia Family Enrichment Program

Washington Tennis & Education Foundation

15-16 year olds

Joselyn Little

Jelani Sarr

Metropolitan Tennis & Education Group

Metropolitan Tennis & Education Group

17-18 year olds

Mya Spencer

Langston Woody

Metropolitan Tennis & Education Group

Metropolitan Tennis & Education Group



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