Mid-Atlantic Teams at 

2019 League Nationals



November 27, 2019

Mid-Atlantic Pride at League National Championships


Our Mid-Atlantic Section Adult League teams finished in the top four for the final week of USTA League Nationals at the National Campus in Orlando, Fl., making it our strongest performance during the seven weeks of League Nationals. 


After competitive tennis among teams of players from different Sections, states, and coasts to battle for the National Title, USTA Mid-Atlantic ended with all four Mixed 40 & Over 6.0/7.0/8.0/9.0 teams making it to the semifinals. 


In the Mixed 40 & Over 9.0 division, Mid-Atlantic team, HighRoller$ from Washington D.C., led by Captain Anthony Acosta made it to the championship match against USTA Southern. In the end, the Mid-Atlantic team came up short against the undefeated Southern team 3-0. 


Alongside Captain Acosta, the HighRoller$ team included: Erika Trost, Erin Green, Chris Ford, Agnes Trice, Matthew Biger, Ye Hu, Jennifer Collier, Landon Schaefer, Phat Bui, Vinnie Khera, Paul Smith, Kerrie Jenkins, Susannah Griffiths, Crystal Cornell, Rob Rivera, Toan Dao, and Alicia Rowley. 



The strong showings from Mid-Atlantic teams continued. The Mixed 40 & Over 6.0 captained by Doug Turner placed third, and both the Mixed 40 & Over 7.0 captained by Alice Kau and Mixed 40 & Over 8.0 captained by Charles Tellis took home fourth place at USTA League National Championships. 


Congratulations to all Mid-Atlantic Section teams that represented and participated in USTA League National Championships throughout seven weeks of National Championship tournaments. And you all made us proud for Rockin’ Royal Blue for color wars this year and bringing the incredible Mid-Atlantic spirit. 


Read below for all USTA Mid-Atlantic Section team results and highlights from Nationals. 


2019 Mid-Atlantic National Highlights:

36 Mid-Atlantic teams coming from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. went on to represent the section at USTA League National Championships;

15 Mid-Atlantic teams secured spots in the semifinal rounds at Nationals;

2 Mid-Atlantic teams made it to the championship match and were crowned finalists at Nationals; and

2 Mid-Atlantic teams took home National Championship Titles; Women’s Adult 40 & Over 3.5 and Men’s Adult 18 & Over 4.5. 


2019 Mid-Atlantic Team Results:

18 & Over 2.5 - Women, captained by Melanie Blunt placed 10th;

18 & Over 3.0 - Men, captained by Miguel Romero placed 7th;

18 & Over 3.0 - Women, captained by Stephanie Place placed 7th;

18 & Over 3.5 - Men, captained by Sam O’Brien placed 12th;

18 & Over 3.5 - Women, captained by Chris Lee placed 6th;

18 & Over 4.0 - Men, captained by Patrick Yi placed 4th;

18 & Over 4.0 - Women, captained by Cherie Lane placed 4th;

18 & Over 4.5 - Men, captained by Vivek Harihan and co-captained by Victor Buga placed 1st;

18 & Over 4.5 - Women, captained by Jennifer Beekman placed 16th;

18 & Over 5.0+  - Men, captained by Frederick Skoglund placed 3rd;

18 & Over 5.0+  - Women, captained by Jennifer Johnson placed 2nd;


40 & Over 3.0 - Men, captained by Jim Albert placed 4th;

40 & Over 3.0 - Women, captained by Audrey Gunther placed 10th;

40 & Over 3.5 - Men, captained by Bill Stephens placed 13th;

40 & Over 3.5 - Women, captained by Chris Lee placed 1st;

40 & Over 4.0 - Men, captained by Bill Stephens placed 5th;

40 & Over 4.0 - Women, captained by Anastasia Kezman placed 9th;

40 & Over 4.5+ - Men, captained by Reggie Tull placed 3rd;

40 & Over 4.5+ - Women, captained by Heather Walsh placed 11th;


Mixed 40 & Over 6.0, captained by Doug Turner placed 3rd;

Mixed 40 & Over 7.0, captained by Alice Kau placed 4th;

Mixed 40 & Over 8.0, captained by Charles Tellis placed 4th;

Mixed 40 & Over 9.0, captained by Anthony Acosta placed 2nd;


55 & Over 6.0 - Men, captained by Robert Etheridge placed 8th;

55 & Over 6.0 - Women, captained by Joy Epstein placed 3rd;

55 & Over 7.0 - Men, captained by Dave Thompson placed 12th;

55 & Over 7.0 - Women, captained by Yvonne Mayo Anderson and co-captained by Sylvia Okala placed 8th;

55 & Over 8.0 - Men, captained by Ricky Stevens and co-captained by Phil Meadows placed 2nd;

55 & Over 8.0 - Women, captained by Charlene Collier placed 3rd;

55 & Over 9.0 - Men, captained by Matt Datta placed 7th;

55 & Over 9.0 - Women, captained by Debbie Cafferty placed 5th;


Mixed 18 & Over 6.0, captained by Doug Turner placed 8th;

Mixed 18 & Over 7.0, captained by Susan Velasco placed 17th;

Mixed 18 & Over 8.0, captained by Toan Dao placed 12th;

Mixed 18 & Over 9.0, captained by Vinnie Khera placed 3rd;

Mixed 18 & Over 10.0, captained by Vinnie Khera placed 7th.

Congratulations to all the Mid-Atlantic players at USTA League Nationals. To view more highlight photos from each event make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, if you’re feeling inspired by these victories and want to get out on the tennis court, you can find a USTA League near you by viewing the local league calendar or by contacting us and we will help you find a team.


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