June 12, 2019

Maintaining Physical Fitness to Achieve a Larger Goal.  



The goal: qualify for a National USTA League Championship and win a Singles or Doubles USTA Tournament in 2019.  The goal getter: Marvin Martinez.


Marvin has been playing tennis for 20 years and has enjoyed playing in tournaments and USTA Leagues, which he has done for 12 years.  Marvin credits his older brother for giving him the tennis bug at an early age and has found tennis to be the vehicle that drives his healthy lifestyle.


“Now that I have tennis goals, I realize that I will not be able to achieve them without being healthier and working out off the court,” says Martinez. “In a way, tennis continues to indirectly give me reasons to strive for a healthier lifestyle.”


Marvin has found that high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes have kept him strong and flexible so he can keep up with his active tennis schedule. ADVERTISEMENT He has also found a less traditional way to improve mental fortitude – video game tournaments.  In addition to playing as many tennis tournaments that he can, Marvin enjoys competing in video game tournaments.


“Gaming has provided me with the mental toughness for tennis, as tennis has provided the physical fitness that gaming lacks,” he says. Using strengths learned from both tennis and gaming, Marvin appreciates an active lifestyle and achieves balance.


Equally critical to his balanced lifestyle is the social connections that come through tennis. Marvin thrives in the tennis community because it fosters friendships and brings his family closer together. He plays USTA Mid-Atlantic Leagues with his two cousins and enjoys the connection the sport brings to his family. He hopes one day he can share this experience with his brother, “I hope I can get my brother Brian to play USTA Leagues with me, since he was the one that got me into tennis in the first place,” Marvin explains.


Marvin can attest that tennis is a sport that anyone can pick up at any time. Whether you start as a child, teenager or adult he explains, “everyone has to start somewhere, and USTA Mid-Atlantic provides ways for beginners to compete with others at their skill level.” He further notes, “as long as you enjoy the game, your preconceived idea that you have to be a certain skill level shouldn’t deter you from playing. Just get on the court and have fun!”


Even though National Physical Fitness and Sports Month has concluded we encourage you to stay active, and a great way to do that is to get out on the tennis court often. USTA Mid-Atlantic adult leagues are a great way to add physical activity to your life, cultivate friendships, and stay sharp.   There are many different leagues players can choose from.


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