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Sportsmanship - Serve It Up

September 14, 2021

Ever meet an opponent that was so kind, fair, and a pleasure to play that you smile every time you think back on your experience? These are the types of players that really elevate the entire vibe on the tennis court that day, exuding positivity and good energy that rubs off and makes everyone feel good. You even find yourself striving to be like them and model what they do too. What do these special players have? 


Good sportsmanship.


Demonstrating good sportsmanship can bring people together, even at the height of competition.  Good sportsmanship is showing respect to others and is a way to help everyone get enjoyment out of tennis. 


USTA Mid-Atlantic believes that tennis creates character and one-way character develops on the court is through demonstrating and emphasizing good sportsmanship every time you play or even when you are in the stands cheering on your team or favorite tennis player. Examples of good sportsmanship on the tennis court range from simply saying hello to your opponent to congratulating your opponent's good shot. And while we all demonstrate good sportsmanship, there are players who go the extra mile.  


This year, during our regional and sectional championships, USTA Mid-Atlantic is celebrating players who demonstrate extraordinary sportsmanship. All players, event staff, and officials are provided the chance to nominate a fellow player for acts of good sportsmanship. Those nominated then receive a special gift and recognition.  Let’s celebrate those players who have already been recognized, and make sure to check back to see this list grow over the next few months! 


Adult 55 & Over and Mixed 40 & Over Sectional Championship

Marlene Zeigler

Miranda Smith

Q Pennington

Lorri Roberts

Caroline Ogilvie

Craig Morgan

Kaye Witting

Chris Lee

Marie Sokoloff

Paula Stansbury

Justin Cady

Joseph Cipolla

Jeff Richman

Michael Caine

David Trang

Virginia Fung

Paul Lluy

Pamela Gogol

Gia Yannone

Leonard Tetteh

David Cheo

Jeffery Blasko

Kathie Naylor

Lori Saylor

Aida Varuzza

Syvia Okala

David Cheo


Adult 40 & Over .5 Sectional Championship

Jorge Paucar

Kevin O’Brien

Judith Ely

Gretchen Teel

Millette Miller

Donna Jones

Ali Wiese

Reginald Tull

Rehman Xu

Jan Neumann

Jon Santos

Nathan Leslie

Senthil Seetharaman

Dawn Curran

Lynn McNeils

Nokia Marks-Butts

Cindy Berbaum

Amy Ringberg


Adult 40 & Over .0 Sectional Championship

Patricia Loudon

Leanne Drake

Courtney Violetta

Clifton Wynter

Greg Koch

Kevin Martin

Chris Miller

Sheryl Harris

Jon Riveria

Young Chang

Nicole Marks

Leslie McFarlane


Adult 18 & Over Sectional Championship

Christen Harsha

Simone Feldman

Johnny Hingham

Daniel Bloom

Sean Jayachandrian

Jim Mellondick


Francisco Paloma

Gabriel Silverman

Arturo Garcia

Jenni Kim

Evelyn Chan

Andaiye Hamilton

Sonya Finley

Reggie Hay

Katrina Tiedeman

Coni Schaefer

Karen Taubenslag

Logan Gruhl

Erik Spangler

Kevin Lyle

Laith Layous

Rohan Raihaker

Jill Campbell

Nicole Parker

Kevin Lyle

Reggie Tull

Rory Smith

Will Collins

Ben Fass

Brandon Woznictzka

Shad Harrel


Adult 18 & Over .0 Virginia/West Virginia Regional Championship

Ryse Godette

Simon Feldman

Kara Stevenson

Claire Walters

Elizabeth Gill

Ann Ainsley

Sarah Heppe

Mary Yee

Vance Carroll

Micahel Medrano

Ryan Bautista

Kory Painter

Matt Holzer

Nicholas Vasquez

Laurence Haviland

Allegra Helms

Ceclia Bergh

Ben Bert

Julie Collier

Sandra Crawford


Adult 18 & Over .5 Virginia/West Virginia Regional Championship

The Entire Team of Lynchburg

Natalia Hozdevilla

Elena Carter

Alice Raucher

Donna Dean

Jennifer Barnett

K Naylor

Jamie Lynn Bryan

Ellen Meyer

Michelle Nelson

Jackie Berens

Renee Shipe

Darren Golden

Muzaffar Yuupov

Wesley Wigginn

Sue Swanhorst

Tammy Hertel

Glenn Hall

Casey Carnohan

Sundan Simpson

Adult 18 & Over .5 D.C./Maryland Regional Championship

Mung Nguyen

Brian Clark

Mark DiBigio

Nicholas Fox

Tam Banh

Tina Brown

Laura Bull

Beyza Boston

Stephanie Freeman


Adult 18 & Over .0 D.C./Maryland Regional Championship

Stacey Donaldson

Deanne Gourdine

Rachel Stines

Gay Hardwick

Elizabeth Wenzel

Elizabeth Hok

Pam Cohne

Kate Ruppert

Peter Tice

Chris Lee

Craig Friedrich

Ron Colbert


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