Wheelchair Tennis Grows in the Mid-Atlantic

November 18, 2021

Find an Opportunity near you. 


As a nonprofit organization, USTA Mid-Atlantic is on a mission to grow the game of tennis for ALL athletes in the region, no matter background, location, age, race, or ability. Our focus is to ensure that everyone has a chance to pick up a racquet and benefit from the long-lasting physical and social-emotional aspects of the sport and that tennis is inclusive and welcoming for all. To achieve this, we work to provide programs, support, resources, and more to players and tennis providers so that the sport can continue to grow and create community, character, and well-being across the region.  


One important way tennis is reaching more players in the Section is through the growth of wheelchair tennis programming in the Mid-Atlantic. These programs give players who use a wheelchair the opportunity to share in activities with their able-bodied family and friends. The USTA Mid-Atlantic Section provides programming and development opportunities to youth and adult wheelchair players, as well as support for providers and coaches so that everyone has a rewarding and fun experience with tennis. 


“Tennis is one of the more inclusive sports that exists in sport, as there are very minimal rule changes between able-bodied tennis and wheelchair tennis (i.e. one bounce vs. two bounces),” said Sportable’s Program Manager, Forrest Lodge. “ Wheelchair tennis is also one of the few adaptive sports that has opportunities for student-athlete opportunities at the university/college level, which is encouraging to us to get more junior athletes involved in the sport.”

You too can be a part of the movement. Whether you are a seasoned player or looking to give tennis a try, find a wheelchair tennis event near you. Become a part of the Mid-Atlantic tennis community and register for an event near you. 


For Coaches & Providers:

To explore the resource library for wheelchair coaches and providers, click here


USTA Net Generation Wheelchair Tennis Ambassador Program

Connect with the USTA Mid-Atlantic Ambassador: Gary Rudd

Gary is a resource for players as well as coaches interested in growing the sport in the Mid-Atlantic. 



Virginia Tech Wheelchair Tennis Clinic

Clinics are run by Jim Thompson, find details and registration information here


JTCC Fall Wheelchair Program

Clinics are run by Gabby Hesse from September 12 - November 21 on Sundays for Adults and Juniors. Find details and registration information here.


USTA Wheelchair Tennis Coaching Education Clinic at JTCC

Check out highlight photos from this HISTORIC event here



Boar’s Head: December 17-19

Registration is open

Tournament Director: Catherine DeSouza



Completed Events: 

JTCC: October 15-17

View highlights from this tournament here. 


Virginia Tech Wheelchair Tennis Clinic with Team USA

View highlight from this clinic and exhibition here.


Capital Cup: Complete


Boar’s Head Wheelchair Clinic - Complete

Piedmont Area Tennis Association is partnering with Sportable on two upcoming clinics on August 11th and 25th from 5 - 8:30 PM at Boar’s Head in Charlottesville, Va.


Sportable River City Slam - L4 Wheelchair Tournament - Complete

View highlights from this tournament here. 


For more information on wheelchair tennis in the Mid-Atlantic contact community@mas.usta.com


Looking to grow wheelchair tennis at the grassroots level? Apply for a 2021 USTA Wheelchair Tennis Grassroots Grant. Learn more by clicking here


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