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Julia Goetz


Family and Friends


Family and Friends

Need a breath of fresh air? Spend a few minutes with Julia Goetz and you’ll be all set.


Goetz, a captain in the Pittsburgh area for the last seven years, combines smiles, laughs and tennis as well as anyone else.


Turns out, she has her daughter’s soccer practice to thank for it.


“About 10 years ago, my son and I started to play while my daughter was at soccer practice,” she said. “A very kind woman named Joyce notice that we needed help and let me know that the Highland Park Tennis Club in our neighborhood not only offered free lessons, but that they were for children and adults at the same time.”


“Brilliant,” she added.


Goetz’s son eventually helped her get into one-on-one lessons, and an addition to tennis was formed. 


Goetz now co-captains a women’s 3.0 team (Pittsburgh Mellon) and competes on a mixed-doubles 6.0 team, while also playing on other local teams in the Pittsburgh Tennis League.  She enjoys playing, but especially loves the results that come from captaining. ADVERTISEMENT She has just a few requirements for teammates (they have to be competitive and “really nice”) and said she finds it rewarding to see players come into the team and improve.


“I love knowing that I have practices and matches on my calendar, and that I’ll get to see my teammates,” she said. “The camaraderie is fantastic.” 


“We’re fortunate to have so many gifted and dedicated players and coaches in the area who love the game and want to bring others along,” she added. “I have to extend deep appreciation for people who are part of groups like the Highland Park Tennis Club who are dedicated to making the sport accessible to anyone.” 


She also promotes get-togethers off the court, like her team’s ice cream stops after matches far from home.


“What’s not to like about that?” she said.



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