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Finding Good Health

through Tennis

June 1, 2019

Finding Good Health through Tennis


Finding Good Health through Tennis

It was only 10 years ago, but Melissa Culhane felt like a different person.


“I was 200-plus pounds and just not all that healthy,” said Culhane, who lives in the Pittsburgh, Pa. area. “I got into a beginner cardio class. It completely changed my life.”


Culhane is one of the many players who has experienced incredible health improvements through tennis. Over the years she’s lost 70 pounds playing the game and keeps it off with a healthy lifestyle that includes a heavy dose of tennis.


Culhane started with a beginner Cardio Tennis class. She took some time off after an injury, then got back into it in 2013. She took classes with Marcy Bruce, who she credits with impacting her life on and off the tennis court.


“She helped me gain confidence,” Culhane said. “In the beginning, it was so hard for me. ADVERTISEMENT I was in the corner, getting after all the drills. Then I got used to it and started doing two classes per week. It’s all about moving, moving and more moving.”


All that moving inspired Culhane to pick up other healthy activities. She began doing yoga and participating in CrossFit.


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Culhane is now a personal trainer and shares her experience with tennis every time she can. She’s now playing more than ever, even considering competing in leagues and other organized play.


She credits Bruce and her classes for the positive impact tennis has made on her life.


“Marcy told me I could do it,” Culhane said. “She was able to push me. And she knew how much I could be pushed. It was her expertise that got me moving, kept me moving and got me in a good place, where I felt confident in my abilities.


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