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Competitors to Teammates

Steven Wu and Sarah Huah

June 24, 2019

Competitors to Teammates


Competitors to Teammates

Tournaments are not just for competing, they are also a great way to make life-long friends.


That was on full display over the weekend at the USTA Middle States Open.


The mixed doubles team of Steven Wu and Sarah Huah competed in the event at Mercer County Park (N.J.) They advanced to the quarterfinals in the tournament.


Wu and Huah teamed up as mixed doubles partners because Huah’s husband and regular playing partner, Dan Chang, was suffering from an injury. Wu and Huah had become friends competing in past USTA tournaments, and decided to team up.


The New Jersey natives showed they have potential to be a powerhouse.


While the duo meshes on court, they each discovered tennis in very different ways.


Huah, from Burlington County, began playing tennis when she was 8 years old. Huah and her sister would practice every day after school. ADVERTISEMENT Huah’s hard work paid off, eventually earning her to earn a spot on Princeton University’s tennis team. She played on the team from 2006 to 2010. Huah won the Second-team All-Ivy doubles title. 


Steven Wu, from Hillsborough, N.J., started playing tennis at 5. 

“After my dad saw Michael Chang win the French Open, he knew he wanted his kids to play tennis,” Wu said. 


Similar to Huah, Wu would practice everyday after school, eventually earning his place on New York University’s tennis team. Wu played on the team from 2010-2014 and, in 2014, was named an ITA All-American Athlete.


Now that Wu and Huah are out of college, they love competing in tournaments and continuing to play. Through USTA Tournaments, they’ve enjoyed the competition, along with meeting new friends.


“Now that we are adults we feel like there is less pressure to compete, which makes these tournaments so fun,” Wu said. “I am also glad I can play this sport until the day I die.”


“My favorite part about USTA tournaments is the people,” Huah added. “I love meeting new friends at these tournaments.” 


The Middle States Open, in its first year, allows high-level singles and mixed-doubles players to compete for a chance to win prize money. Learn more about USTA Tournaments and adult competition by clicking here

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