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Unstoppable Women in Tennis: Krista Wisseman

You don’t need to play tennis to be in tennis. Perhaps no one proves that more than Krista Wisseman, the Tennis Operations Manager at Sea Colony Tennis.


“I am not a tennis player — not at all,” she said with a laugh. “I played a couple of years in high school, and after that, I pretty much gave it up. But after all these years, I know the tennis business, and that’s what I come back to.”


Her coworkers seem to agree. Alex Justiniani, the Director of Racquet Sports at Sea Colony Tennis, describes Wisseman as a tireless worker, and the heartbeat of Sea Colony Tennis in Bethany Beach, Delaware. 


“I look at it pretty simply: if you’ve played tennis in Southern Delaware in the last 20 years, you’ve probably come across Krista Wisseman,” Justiniani said. “Krista has built and maintained so much of what we do over a long period of time.”


That includes prep work for the Vacasa Pro Women’s Open, a USTA Pro Circuit event held at Sea Colony from May 15-21, 2023. The event is back for the first time in three years, bringing in professional tennis players from all over the world to compete.

Whether it’s pro tennis week or just another day of clinics, Wisseman is the person behind the scenes, helping to make things happen for Sea Colony and its members, guests and staff.


Funny enough, she began working with Sea Colony as a high school student who simply needed a job. At that point she was picking up balls, answering phones, and doing anything she could to help out around the club. That led to full-time stints in her 20s, and eventually in 2010, a role as the Tennis Operations Manager.


That role includes the technical side of the business: software programs, customer management, scheduling and court reservation systems (among the long, long list of other responsibilities). During Pro Circuit Tournament week, she does the bulk of racquet stringing for the players, while working with volunteers and officials on tournament logistics.

Wisseman’s coworkers describe her as proactive and always there to help. Meanwhile, the members at Sea Colony have come to know a consistent, dependable representative of the club.


“I feel grateful for the people who I’m around here,” Wisseman said. “In all these years I’ve only had three Directors of Tennis that I’ve worked with. It’s been really consistent and a good environment.”


“It’s been an exciting year and we’ve had a lot of success leading up to where we are now. I’m happy to do my part and really just appreciate what I have around me.”


Cruise Control Gear has joined USTA Middle States in sponsoring our Unstoppable Women in Tennis series, highlighting the incredibly strong women who are forces on and off the court in our Middle States community.



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