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Congrats to All League Players Heading to Section Championships

Sydney Hamilton | August 01, 2023

Summer season USTA Leagues are wrapping up, but the road to Section Championships is just heating up! USTA Heart of America is proud to announce that several League teams from our district have punched their tickets to the League Section Championships taking place this month.


The following men’s and women’s League teams were victorious in their District League Championships last month and will be heading on to Sectionals: 


18 & Over - St. Louis, August 4-6
  • 3.0W: Captain Maria Andrew
  • 3.0W WC: Captain Kathy Hodge
  • 4.0M: Captain Travis Heintzelman
  • 4.0W: Captain Kelli Valdez
  • 4.0W WC: Captain Melinda French
  • 5.0M: Captain Paul Knoflicek


18 & Over – Oklahoma City, August 18-20
  • 3.5W: Captain Dawn Vitha
  • 3.5W WC: Captain Shannon Lyon
  • 3.5M: Captain Brad Bicknell
  • 3.5M WC: Captain Karthink Pattabiraman
  • 4.5W: Captain Jamie Galloway
  • 4.5W WC: Dawna McCulloch
  • 4.5M: Captain Todd Mekles

40 & Over – Tulsa, August 25-27
  • 3.0W: Captain Kelly Schwabauer
  • 4.0W: Captain Phyllis Norman
  • 4.0M: Captain John Strode
  • 4.0M WC: Captain Doug Schwabauer
  • 5.0W: Captain Jackie Gehrke


40 & Over – Topeka, August 25-27
  • 3.5W: Captain Molly Hunt
  • 3.5M: Captain Charles Wohlers
  • 4.5W: Captain Michelle Gifford
  • 4.5W WC: Captain Amy Fangman
  • 4.5M: Captain Paul Knoflicek


55 & Over – St. Louis, August 4-6
  • 7.0W: Captain Connie Bennett
  • 7.0M: Captain Nathan Granger
  • 9.0W: Captain Jackie Gehrke
  • 9.0M: Captain Roy Allen


55 & Over – Oklahoma City, August 18-20
  • 6.0W: Captain Sonya Muller
  • 8.0W: Captain Jody Holsinger
  • 8.0M: Captain Jan Claussen
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Please join us in congratulating these teams on heading to their respective USTA League Section Championships!



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