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Thanks, Scott Hanover

For Your Service

June 3, 2019
Flowers with a tennis court in the background.

Scott Hanover is leaving USTA Missouri Valley and USTA Heart of America.  Scott recently accepted a position in Dallas, Texas as Executive Director of the Dallas Community Tennis Association.  Scott’s last day in the area was Friday, May 31.


Words cannot adequately describe the impact that Scott has had in the growth of tennis in our district as he has been the “heart and soul” of tennis for many years.  Having served as President of USTA Heart of America as well as two terms as President of USTA Missouri Valley, he gave it all at every level. Scott has been instrumental in bringing several high-profile National tournaments to our area and has definitely made players around the country not only enjoy the competitive spirit of tennis but also showcased the beauty of Kansas City.


The love for Scott was definitely evident during the month of May. ADVERTISEMENT   Everyone – from players, teammates, bosses, peers, etc. – all joined together to wish him farewell and the best of luck in his new position.  On any day, you could simply look at social media and see pictures of yet another group outing celebrating Scott and all that he gave to tennis in the area.


USTA Heart of America will miss him …..  and we wish both Scott and his wife Marla only the best!



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