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USTA Heart of America Hosts Section-Level Tournaments

Jerod Fox | September 30, 2020

Adult tournament play has returned in a big way to the USTA Heart of America, with two section level tournaments taking place in September. The USTA Missouri Valley Section-Level NTRP 18+ and Open Indoor Championships took place from September 4-6, followed by the NTRP 50+ and Open Outdoor Championships on September 25-27.


Terry Miller, tournament director of the 18+ and Open Indoor Championships, noted that the tournament ran as smoothly as possible despite multiple date changes. 


“The biggest issue that we had was getting a date. It was set up for May, and then June, and then July, and then August before we finally had it this month,” she said. “I’ve run tournaments for over 20 years now, and this one went like they all have.”


At the 18+ and Open Indoor Championships, Jeff Sykes went 3-0 in men’s 3.0 singles play. Kevin Cue wrapped up a finals victory in men’s 3.5 singles, while Brent Henderson came home with the 4.0 trophy. On the women’s side, Ali Wilson completed a perfect 2-0 day in 3.0 singles and Judy Yi went undefeated in 3.5 play. The tournament also hosted men’s, women’s and mixed doubles.


Both tournaments brought in players from around the USTA Missouri Valley section, giving participants a chance to match up with opponents that they might not see in district-level play. This creates a different environment, which Miller cites as a reason she loves tournament play.


“The people that told me that it was their first tournament said that they had a really good time and that they were looking forward to doing another one. I think that they were ready to get out and play,” she said. 


In singles play at the 50+ and Open Outdoor Championships, Chris Stone came away with a finals victory in men’s 3.5 singles, Brad Davidson won in straight sets in the 4.0 division and Duane Strader came away with the victory in 4.5 play. Theresa Roberts won the women’s 3.5 singles competition, while Cathy Hurst and Angel Krishna teamed up for a 3.5 doubles win. Kim Bradfield and Julie Kinsella won women’s 4.0 doubles with a thrilling third-set win in the finals.


If you are a Missouri Valley resident and a USTA Member between the ages of 18-39, you may play your first Adult Section Tournament for free! Contact section Adult Play Manager Scott Hows at 913-322-4821 or howes@movalley.usta.com to receive your coupon code for a free registration.

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