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Alderson Puts Love Into Local League Play

Kendra Wicks | April 30, 2020

Since joining USTA leagues, Karli Alderson has competed on women’s 3.0, 3.5 and tri-level teams, as well as a mixed team in a dynamic duo with her father. Her tennis journey began with middle school and was revived when her husband suggested she pick it back up.


“I instantly loved being outside, getting exercise and re-learning how to play tennis again,” Alderson said. 


Alderson is often joined on the court by her husband and father.


“I was asked to be on a 7.0 mixed doubles team with my dad, who played at Washburn University during college. I really didn’t want to because true competition scared me,” Alderson said. “But, the thought of getting to partner with my dad was enough to sway me into joining the team.” 


In 2019, Alderson’s 18 & Over Mixed 7.0 team qualified for nationals, allowing her and her father to compete at the USTA National Campus in Orlando, Florida. 


Alderson says that being able to play alongside her father is one of the best things about participating in USTA leagues. 


“My dad has always loved the sport, but I now have that same passion for the game,” Alderson said. “I feel so comfortable with him as I know I won’t let him down no matter how I play. I also just love that feeling when my dad hits a beautiful return down the line, or I hit a great volley, and my dad turns to me and winks. It’s small moments like that I will remember most.”


Alderson says she has become a better player through competition, especially with her women’s teams. Her teammates have always strived to improve and play as strong competitors. But for Alderson, tennis is really about the connections and memories made along the way.  


“The friendships and memories are invaluable,” Alderson said. “One time, I was driving the mom minivan home from a match in Wichita and got a blowout on the turnpike. We had to wait forever it seemed to get someone to come change it. Then, we got pulled over for going too slow. We all still laugh about that whole experience. Memories are made both on and off the court.”


Want to get in on the fun? Learn more about USTA leagues and how you can get involved in competitive play.

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