Missouri Valley / Kansas

Get To Know Your Digital Assistant

February 11, 2020

Kendra Wicks was an excellent Digital Assistant covering local news for USTA Kansas in 2019, and will continue to represent USTA Kansas well as their Digital Assistant in 2020.


Wicks grew up on public tennis courts and Walmart racquets. She has always had an interest in tennis, whether that meant playing in the park with her family, competing with her brother in WII tennis, or just practicing hitting a tennis ball against the garage door. 


In middle school, Wicks took a chance on a beginning tennis camp that changed her life. She went on to compete in high school, where she qualified for the state tournament in doubles and set a school record in her senior year for the most wins in a season. 


Wicks will graduate from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, in May of 2020. She is earning a degree in Public Relations and covers tennis for the university newspaper. ADVERTISEMENT Wicks is excited to bring her skills and passion to USTA Kansas to document the awesome things happening in our district.  


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