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Junior Team Tennis

Q&A with 

Aaron O'Donnell

Kendra Wicks  |  June 3, 2019

Junior Team Tennis is a summer program that allows local players to gain valuable experiences on the court, but it wouldn’t be possible without their dedicated coaches. We spoke to Aaron O’Donnell, a Junior Team Tennis coach from Arkansas City, about why he stays involved in the program.


How long have you been coaching tennis?

I am a middle and high school coach, but I’ve had an 18 and up Junior Team Tennis squad for about five years. I’ve also had players join the 14 and up teams, including my two sons.


What is your favorite part about coaching Junior Team Tennis?

My favorite part of Junior Team Tennis is the co-ed squad. In Kansas schools, the girls play in the fall while the guys play in the spring. Summer Junior Team Tennis allows the best girls and boys to come together and compete.


What do you think the kids enjoy most about playing?

Mixed doubles is probably the most popular spot on the team. ADVERTISEMENT The kids really enjoy competing together.


What are you looking forward to this year?

This summer Ark City will have 14 players competing on three different Junior Team Tennis squads. It’s a very valuable experience for them.


What makes Junior Team Tennis such an important program?

I know many school coaches around Kansas have found Junior Team Tennis beneficial for their teams to gain valuable experience in competition. I hope the program continues to thrive in Kansas and across the USTA Missouri Valley.



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