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Rule Highlight: Championship Requirements

Jerod Fox | April 06, 2021

Continuing our series in which we highlight rules and regulations for USTA events, today we are taking a look at requirements for competing in USTA Championships. USTA Kansas provides numerous leagues at multiple levels. However, it’s no fun to get to the end of the season and realize you cannot participate in Section Championships because you did not play in enough matches.


In 2020, the USTA provided new rulings on requirements for players to advance to Section and National Championship events in Adult and Mixed Division leagues. We’ll highlight them here to give a refresher so that you can make sure you are prepared when your team moves on to the next level.


For Sectional Championships, there are different requirements depending on how your NTRP rating. For self-rated and computer-rated appealed players, you must have participated in three matches on the same team, and defaulted matches do not count. For all other players, you must have played in at least two matches on the same team. In this case, one default will count towards those two matches.


National Championship-level events for Adult and Mixed division leagues have a similar requirement separation. Self-rated and computer-rated appealed players must have played in four matches on the same team, not counting any defaults. All other players must have played in three matches on the same team with one default being available to count.

Now that you know how many matches you need, all that’s left is to go out and win!

For any questions on ratings or these requirements, reach out to Alyssa Stelmach.

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