Missouri Valley / Kansas

Q&A with USTA Official

Laura Norman

Kendra Wicks  |  June 25, 2019

Tournaments run on many moving parts, but one of the most important is the officials. We spoke with Laura Norman, a local official, about her favorite parts of the job and the game. 


How did you get your start in tennis?  

I grew up in a golf family.  The summer I was thirteen, my mother saw an ad for inexpensive tennis lessons with the Mo Connolly Tennis Foundation in Wichita and signed up my younger sister and me for a week-long camp. We were instantly hooked on tennis and have been heavily involved in the sport ever since!


What do you love about the game?  

Tennis is a fun, challenging, and socially engaging sport. As a player, parent of players, official, and high school coach, the sport of tennis brings me much happiness! 


When/how did you get involved in officiating?

My husband hosts numerous USTA Kansas and USTA Missouri Valley junior tournaments each year and used to struggle to find officials to work his events. We solved this problem by going through the certification process together five years ago, and now we enjoy officiating not only junior events, but adult, ITA and professional tournaments as well. 



What's the best memory or experience you've had while officiating? 

Officiating the Air Capital Classic Wheelchair Tournament is a clear highlight for me each summer. The players are fiercely competitive, and yet the fun camaraderie and support among competitors is always the best.


Do you have a favorite professional player?  

Roger Federer has been my favorite professional player for many years.  He is athletic grace and class on the court.


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