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Four Sections Win 6.0/9.0 Nationals

Victoria Chiesa  |  November 11, 2019

The theme of the 2019 55 & Over 6.0/9.0 USTA League National Championships was 'four for four.'


With a quartet of championships to be won at the Surprise Tennis and Racquet Complex in Arizona, the overall victors in the men's and women's doubles divisions came from the Northern and Pacific Northwest sections in 6.0, and the Midwest and Texas sections in the 9.0 bracket. 


All four teams were victorious in their respective final matches by 2-1 scores, with competitive play a hallmark of the weekend overall. 


Just one of the championship teams, the 6.0 Northern men from St. Paul, Minn., and captained by Eric Narvaez and George Kimball, went perfect at the national venue before advancing to the knockout stage--though three of the four winning teams posted a 4-0 overall record to advance. 


Posting a 12-0 record in their doubles matches overall, and losing just two sets, the team later beat Zsolt Vereczkey and Marc Danzige's team from the Eastern section and Westchester County by a 3-0 score in the semifinals, before beating the Midwest section's representatives, Michael Killian's team from Michigan, for the championship. 



The rest of the roster consisted of: Roger Stevens, Carl Johanson, Ron Saver, Keith Sayler, Shoua Yang, Steve Middleton-Koller, Gary Huber and Allen Miller.


On the women's 6.0 side, Sarah Burton's team from eastern Washington state and the Columbia Basin Racquet Club was also made up of Sidney Newsom, Lisa Bartholomew, VaLois Hymas, Anne Neuberger, Kathy Walker, Carole Kupsh and Victoria Smoot, and they defeated NorCal and Florida in the semifinals and final to take the title.

In the 9.0 bracket, the Midwest section beat Missouri Valley in the semifinals, 3-0, before conquering the Southern section in the championship, while the women defeated Eastern and Florida, respectively, to take their title. 


The winning men's roster, captained by Mark Florman and based out of Cleveland Racquet Club in Ohio, included David Garratt, Martin Cohen, Thomas Lucci, John Schloss, Philip Dubsky, James Trapp, Mark Cassell, Leslie Curtis, Arthur Maroscher, Steve Simone, Lou Jacobs, Robert Edelstein, Marc Spector and Kevin Shaw.


Cynthia Johnson's women's team, based out of the Greenhill Tennis Center in Addison, Texas, was made up of Lillian Cobb, Cheri Lattimore, Barbara Valente 4 Patricia Arvanitis, Kate Clarke, Marci Addington, Vicki Buholz, Betsy Lawson, Gayle Prejean, Eve Herman and Julie Salomon.


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