Southern Takes Two At

Mixed 40+ 6.0/7.0/8.0/9.0 Nationals

Victoria Chiesa  |  November 18, 2019

The Southern section capped off the 2019 USTA League National Championship season by winning two of the final four championships on offer.


The mixed,0+ champions were crowned at the USTA National Campus in Orlando over the weekend at 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 ratings to finish out the league championship season.


Southern were victorious at the 7.0 and 9.0 levels, with the Pacific Northwest (6.0) and SoCal (8.0) sections rounding out the champions in Orlando. 


The champions from Southern came from two different states, with Stephen Christides' 7.0 team based out of the Southaven Tennis Center in Mississippi, and Jeff Meeks' 9.0 team based out of the Memphis University School in Tennessee. 

The winning 7.0 Southern roster included Aman Seth, Darrell Nephew, Ankur Seth, Timothy Myrick, Jorianne Siskin, Anthony Lockhart, Roopan Sandhu, Julio Lanfranco, Sonya Dunn, Carley Myrick, Chris Martin, Beth McKnight and Megan Hurdle.



The 9.0 roster, which swept Anthony Acosta's team from Washington, D.C. to win the title, was also made up of Dean Petty, Barry Pelts, Amy Turner, Scott Imorde, Rosa Rojas Weis, Carmen Lewis, Hayden Perez, Naser Elamad, Mary Ellen Mathews, Jacqueline Burdette, James Dye, Sherrie Nischwitz and Jeff Yearwood.


Robert Liu and Zheng Mu's 6.0 mixed team from the Eastside Tennis Center in Washington state defeated Edward Song's team from Nevada and the Intermountain section in the championship match, 2-1, while Frank Tran's 8.0 team from Fountain Valley, Calif. was victorious over Dan Khoo and Janet Van Mol's club from New Jersey and the Middle States section in that final, 2-1. 


The rest of the winning 6.0 roster included Jun Liu, Qian Liang, Brian Li, Carmen Zlateff, Davis Feng, Bing Liu, Xiangwei Gu, Tracy Qi, Calvin Vu, Rachel Ouyang and Wenying Du.


Rounding out the champions on the winning 8.0 roster were Tiffany Atlan, Cindy Shin, Bach Nguyen, James Ha, Karen Char, Nga Trina Phan, Kathy Zepeda-Emerzian, Hyoungmoon Ki, John Nguyen, Julie Le, Da-Loc Nguyen, Giao Do, Jacqueline Pham, Dan Nguyen, Stephanie Chung and An Nguyen.


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