Six Sections Win at

League 65 & Over Invitational

Victoria Chiesa  |  February 12, 2020

Some of the best USTA League teams gathered at the USTA National Campus in Orlando, Fla. over the past two weekends to crown a new set of national champions at the 65 & Over National Invitational. 


A total of six USTA sections won titles across the eight men's and women's events, with the 6.0 and 8.0 championships taking place from Jan. 31 to Feb. 2, and the 7.0 and 9.0 championships taking place from Feb. 7 to Feb. 9.


Overall, seven USTA sections were represeted in the championship matches, with the Middle States and Pacific Northwest sections each doubling up to win two titles. Middle States was victorious in the women's 8.0 and the men's 9.0 divisions, while PNW teams in the women's 6.0 and 9.0 brackets took home titles back to the West Coast. 


Middle States reached a total of five finals, finishing runner-up in the men's 7.0 and 8.0 divisions, and the women's 7.0 division. ADVERTISEMENT The Pacific Northwest reached three finals, and finished in second place in the men's 6.0 division to the Northern section. 


The rosters of the winning teams, and the sections they represent, are listed below. 

6.0 Women's Champions - Pacific Northwest

Della McCleary - co-captain
Janice Brennan - co-captain
Carrie Bergquist
Jill Wakefield
Ruthann Nelson
Juanita Kraght
Mary Jo Leonardson
Sally Linebarger
Carolyn Cruzat
Barbara Selemon
Lila Hughes


6.0 Men's Champions - Northern

Eric Narvaez - co-captain
Patrick Ledray - co-captain
John Goulett
Gary See
Michael Schneider
Allen Miller
Steve Wollman
Leon Narvaez
Craig Engelhart
Roger Stevens
Allan Hoen
Gary Bilbrey
Gary Huber
William Boyes
Igor Mikhailenko


7.0 Women's Champions - Southern

Laura Brown - captain
Kitty Prejean
Toni Benoit
Joan Lalande
Sheila Lopez
Mickie Ainsworth
Margaret Fontenot
Julie Conner
Annette Arton


7.0 Men's Champions - New England

Jim Bisceglia - captain
Henry Brehm
David Bernstein
Harland Robinson
Peter Weinman
Gerald Haigh
John Gauthier
Bill Dugan
Doug Grover
Thomas Latanzi
David Kenney
Russell Sandblom
Chad Small 

8.0 Women's Champions - Middle States

Carol Vukelich - captain
Melissa Veghte
Ellen Hamilton
Janeen Ruff
Kathy Bevans
Ann Rizzo
Jennifer Bragagnolo
Jane Stoutland
Evelyn Davidson
Sugi Hayes
Anne Maxwell
Roberta Dimond
Maureen O'Berg
Suzanne McGrath


8.0 Men's Champions - Mid-Atlantic

Cliff Berstein - captain
Leon Geller
Kenneth Dauses
W. Houseknecht
David Wendt
Stanley Proser
Joseph Touzin
Carl Rubin
Jacob Zylberberg
John Reinhard
Francis Kreysa
Greg Fitzgerald
Robert Finney
Michael Kane
Barry Grube


9.0 Women's Champions - Pacific Northwest

Gay Hart - captain
Yumiko Pike
Mary Kurz
Janet Tabor
Barbara Kinloch
Gail Patton
Susan Morrison
Mary Anderson 


9.0 Men's Champions - Middle States

James Cappiello - captain
Dennis Ranalli
Ivan Harlow
Janos Latura
Bruce Humphreys
Rick Sahlman
Richard Murray
Bill Idle
P. Estes
George Loesch
Jerry Beck



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