USTA League Crowns 5 New Champs

In Mixed 18 & Over 

Arthur Mack  |  November 4, 2017
November 5, 2017 - The Southern section came in first place in the Mixed Adult 18 & Over 8.0 League National Championship at the Mobile Tennis Center in Mobile, Alabama. (left to right) Front: Tammy Noonan, Natalie Calloway, Mackenzie Noonan, Gregory Suhor, Hope Willis; Back: Kelley Butler, Keith Armstrong, Weasley Mayers, Theodore Kennedy, Gerard Suhor, Corbett Christian

Five new champions were crowned on Sunday at the USTA League Mixed 18 & Over 6.0/7.0/8.0/9.0/10.0 National Championships held at the Mobile Tennis Center in Mobile, Ala.  Here's a closer look at each winner by division:


Mixed 18 & Over 6.0

The USTA Southern California Section mixed doubles tennis team from San Diego captured the national title at the USTA League Adult 18 and Over Mixed Doubles 6.0 National Championships.


The San Diego team defeated the Pacific Northwest section squad from Seattle, 2-1, in the the 6.0 final. Earlier in the day, Southern California defeated the Mid-Atlantic section team from Highland, Md., 2-1, to secure its spot in the title match.


The USTA Southern California mixed team was captained by Dahn Dang and featured Nguyen Nguyen, Kevin Nguyen, Vinh Dang, Kathy Nguyen, Anne Dang, Kim Anh Nguyen, Nhuan Do and Sylvia Do. ADVERTISEMENT The Southern California section team is not affiliated with any club and therefore is considered independent. 


Mixed 18 & Over 7.0

The USTA New England section mixed tennis team from Dedham, Mass., took home the trophy at the USTA League 18 and Over 7.0 Mixed Doubles National Championships.


The Dedham team defeated the Midwest section team from Perrysburg, Ohio, in the championship match, 3-0. The New England team edged past the Southwest section team from Phoenix, 2-1, in the semifinals.


Captained by Nicole Leveille, the New England section mixed tennis team featured Susan Koslow, Kathy Fritz, Clara Potash, Larry Azevedo, Michael W. Miller, Sonu Kalra, Robin Clifford, Anthony Do, Patia Campbell, Ryan Salomone, Lou Pereira and Kim Daley. New England is based out of the Dedham Health and Athletic Complex.


Mixed 18 & Over 8.0

USTA Southern section team from Baton Rouge, La., toppled Northern California from Pleasanton, Calif., 2-1, in the title match to capture the crown at the USTA League 18 and Over 8.0 Mixed Doubles National Championships 


Earlier in the day, Baton Rouge defeated the Intermountain section team from Salt Lake City, 3-0, in the semifinals. 


The Southern section team plays out of City Park in Baton Rouge.  It is captained by Keith Armstrong and featured Natalie Calloway, Gerard Suhor, Andree Padial, Wesley Mayers, Hope Willis, Cade Bogan, Lacey McGill, Martin Padial, Collin Andry, Jamie Lanier Hamilton, Tammy Noonan, Gregory Suhor, Kelley Butler, Corbett Christian, Ben Boudreaux, Michael Caine, Theodore Kennedy and Mackenzie Noonan. 


Mixed 18 & Over 9.0

The USTA Southern California section mixed doubles team  from Manhattan Beach, Calif., was crowned champion at the USTA League 18 and Over 9.0 Mixed Doubles National Championships.


Southern California defeated the Texas section team from Abilene, Texas, in the championship match, 2-1. Southern California secured its spot in the final by defeating the Northern section team from St. Louis Park, MN., 2-1, in the semifinals. 


Jarrod Quan captained the Southern California squad, which plays out of Live Oak Park After School Facility in Manhattan Park. The team featured members Royce Kim, Gayle Hollenbaugh, Kevin Wang, Katie Moore, Eugene Zhou, Patricia Snyder, Margaret Adler, Helen Robinson, Roy JR Bryan, Aya Sugimoto, Daiki Kumasegawa, Barry Dylewski, Jamie Chan, Hseih, Megan Nguyen, Catherine Knutson, JR Sarmiento, Emily Lu, Kyle MacLelland, Grant L. Chen and Preethika Venugopal. 


Mixed 18 & Over 10.0

The USTA Mid-Atlantic Section team from Washington, D.C., took home the title at the USTA League 18 and Over 10.0 Mixed Doubles National Championships. The Mid-Atlantic section team defeated the Southern California section team from Los Angeles in the championship match, 2-1. 


The Mid-Atlantic team advanced to the finals after defeating the Southern section team from Little Rock, Ark., 2-1, in the semifinals. 


The team was captained by Vinnie Khera and featured Bartol Letica, Maria Fuccillo, Kristyna Nepivodova, Ly-Lan Bergeron, Matt Stillwagon, Patrick Brick, Fredrik Skoglund, Lindsey Hardenbergh, Andre Ivarsson, Daniel Kreyman, Tarakaa Bertrand, Alicia Rowley, Stephen Woody, Rena Shi, Maddy Stein, John Mook and Ljudmila Pavlov Khera.  The Mid-Atlantic team is not affiliated with any tennis club or center, and therefore is consdiered independent. 


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