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Salt Lake All Comers

Jason Allen  |  March 4, 2018

22 participants from all over the country came out to hit the courts in Salt Lake City from March 1 - 4 at the USTA National Wheelchair Tennis All Comers Camp. 


Each year, the USTA hosts multiple All Comers Camps, which are immersive three day tennis camps for wheelchair tennis players. Players of all skill levels, from juniors to professional, are welcomed, and the camp focuses on sharpening the technical skills of the players through on-court instruction and play. 


Held on the tennis courts at Sports Mall in Salt Lake City, the All Comers Camp in March was the first of the year. The camp was led by local coaches Michael O’Keefe, Lindsay Rawsteorne and Kendall Chitambar. 


The local coaches were joined by USTA Wheelchair Tennis Managers Jason Allen and Jason Harnett. 


Two legends made an appearance at this All Comers Camp. ADVERTISEMENT Former world No. 1 quad wheelchair tennis player Rick Draney and current world No. 1 quad wheelchair player and 2017 US Open Wheelchair competition champion David Wagner joined the participants on the court, sharing their insight from the circuit and their years spent playing. 


Players participated in 20 hours of instructional time, including live ball drills, point play and tournament play. The evenings were spent with open court play for two to three hours.  One day was also spent playing a round robin tournament, giving players match experience. 


This camp marked eight years that USTA Utah has held the event. 


For all the dates and locations of the USTA 2018 All Comers Camps, click here.


In 2018, USTA National plans to sponsor five more camps in different regions. For more information, please contact Jason Allen


Photo Provided by Laurie Lambert



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