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Falling for All Comers

Erin Maher  |  December 4, 2018


Wheelchair tennis keeps rolling, thanks to close to 50 wheelchair tennis players from around the country hitting the courts this fall at the USTA All Comers Camps, held in Lakeland, Fla., and Lafayette, Ind


Each year, the USTA hosts multiple All Comers Camps, which are immersive three-day tennis camps for wheelchair tennis players. Players of all skill levels, from juniors to professional, are welcomed, and the camp focuses on sharpening the technical skills of the players through on-court instruction and play.


Beloved Team USA coach Paul Walker, along with John Rydberg, led the three-day camps. 


Players participated in 20 hours of instructional time, including live ball drills, point play and tournament play. The evenings were spent with open court play for two to three hours.  One day was also spent playing a round robin tournament, giving players match experience.



The USTA anticipates holding five All Comers Camps in 2019, ensuring that players, and the game, keep rolling. 


For more information on USTA Wheelchair tennis, or to sign up for an upcoming All Comers Camp, please contact Jason Allen.


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