Ashley Marshall | May 12, 2017

In an effort to get more youngsters active through tennis, the USTA has again teamed up with Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), a nonprofit organization devoted to ending childhood obesity.


The three-year collaboration between the USTA and PHA will serve as a platform to promote wellness across the U.S. while showcasing Net Generation, the USTA’s new youth tennis initiative.


“The USTA is fully committed to expanding its efforts at getting youth to be active and have fun by emphasizing the importance of multi-sport play at early ages,” said Craig Morris, the USTA’s general manager of community tennis.


“We believe tennis can be the model sport for our young people, but beyond that, we are committed to helping kids all around the country make great choices with a focus on health and a lifetime of activity. I believe this partnership with PHA is a way to showcase the USTA’s passion for enhancing young lives through our sport, and will help in our efforts to  make sure that more children each day are given the tools and opportunities needed to achieve their  own greatness through tennis.”


The partnership was announced  at the PHA’s sixth annual “Building a Healthier Future” Summit in Washington, D.C., and marks the third time the USTA has teamed with PHA for the benefit of kids.


In 2012, the USTA and other national governing bodies of the U.S. Olympic Committee joined with PHA to provide opportunities to children nationwide to become physically fit and stay active through their respective sports.


The following year, the USTA announced a further commitment to its national efforts to grow youth participation by pledging support to former First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” initiative. This led to the installation of thousands of youth tennis courts around the country, training thousands of new coaches, teachers and volunteers to deliver youth tennis training and programming, and donating new tennis equipment to schools and youth facilities committed to providing USTA youth tennis programs.


“Since 2014, the United States Tennis Association has reached more than a half million youth by building thousands of tennis courts and training more than 10,000 coaches,” said Larry Soler, president and CEO of PHA. “We are so proud of this achievement and look forward to reaching even more youth with increased opportunities for physical fitness through the USTA’s recommitment to our partnership in 2017.”




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