New england Juniors Begin 2017 Season

James Maimonis, Communications and Engagement Coordinator  |  January 19, 2017
<p><span class="articletitle">New england Juniors Begin 2017 Season</span></p>

WESTBOROUGH, MA- The 2017 New England junior tournament season kicked off with a bang, as top doubles teams competed for the L3 Winter Sectionals Crown from January 14-15. Duos from all junior divisions (18s, 16s, 14s and 12s) competed at three sites throughout New England for the first of four Super Six L3 New England events of the year.

Juniors will compete in singles at Winter Sectionals from January 28-29. The other two L3 events will be Summer Sectional events. Doubles will take place from April 1-2 at various sites and singles will be held once again at Yale University from June 24-27.

New to Super Six play this year are L3 USTA National Tournaments as well as L3 and L4 Qualifying Tournaments, permitting even more players to represent New England on both a local and national stage.

Below are the results from the L3 New England Winter Sectionals:

Boys’ & Girls’ 18s Doubles

Tennis & Fitness Center Of Rocky Hill, Conn.
Tournament Director- Miguel Garcia

Boys' 18s Doubles
F- (2) Fu/Fu d. (1) Peters/Sharton  8-6
PL- (3) Foulkes/Pertile d. (4) Imrie/Thompson  8-2
SF- (2) Fu/Fu d. (3) Foulkes/Pertile  9-8(5)
SF- (1) Peters/Sharton d. (4) Imrie/Thompson  8-5
CS- Das/Freeman d. Boppana/Larichev  8-6
CS- Condos/Felcher d. Niguidula/Schuermann  8-6
CQ- Das/Freeman d. Fridrikh/Maffa  8-5
CQ- Boppana/Larichev d. Gorelik/Shlyankevich  8-0

Girls' 18 Doubles
F- (1) Dunleavy/Joyce d. (2) Freeman/Newman  9-7
PL- (3) Koch/Oloko d. Conklin/Dorr  8-4
SF- (2) Freeman/Newman d. Conklin/Dorr  8-3
SF- (1) Dunleavy/Joyce d. (3) Koch/Oloko  8-4
CS- Martin/Pezzuco d. (4) Posorske/Weinberg  8-3
CS- Kubas/Nannery d. Dellacono/Falcon  9-7
CQ- Martin/Pezzuco d. DeNucci/DeNucci  8-2
CQ- (4) Posorske/Weinberg d. Leschly/Leschly  8-6

Boys’ & Girls’ 16s and 14s Doubles

Grande Meadows Tennis, Western Mass.
Tournament Director- Wayne Harrell

Boys' 16s Doubles
F- (1) Condos/Fu d. Campbell/Milavsky  8-4
PL- (4) Felcher/Sverdlov d. (3) Riemann/Chen  8-5
SF- Campbell/Milavsky d. (4) Felcher/Sverdlov  9-8(1)
SF- (1) Condos/Fu d. (3) Riemann/Chen  8-3
CS- (2) Karr/Shen d. Bodrog/Ruenhorst  8-5
CS- Novins/Shlyankevich d. McGrath/Truwit  8-2
CQ- (2) Karr/Shen d. Cornelissen/Farhat  8-4
CQ- Bodrog/Ruenhorst d. Cassone/Trevethan  8-4

Girls' 16s Doubles
F- (1) Kubas/Wood d. Almy/Dewire  8-0
PL- (2) Leschly/Leschly d. (4) Dellacono/Falcon  8-5
SF- Almy/Dewire d. (2) Leschly/Leschly  8-5
SF- (1) Kubas/Wood d. (4) Dellacono/Falcon  8-3
CS- Ballarin/DiMaio d. DeLuca/Riester  8-5
CS- (3) Campbell/Dorr d. Schulson/Svendsen  8-4
CQ- DeLuca/Riester d. Fenton/Mackay  8-4
CQ- Ballarin/DiMaio d. Hailey/Wen  8-1

Boys' 14s Doubles
F- (2) Mao/Schwartz d. (3) Ilie/Song  8-6
PL- (1) Feldman/Finkelstein d. (4) Nguyen/Schwartz  8-6
SF- (2) Mao/Schwartz d. (4) Nguyen/Schwartz  8-4
SF- (3) Ilie/Song d. (1) Feldman/Finkelstein  8-3
CS- Bogdanovic/Kahler d. Johnson/Raissi  8-3
CS- Oberg/Mccandless d. Kuzmenok/Rusher  8-2
CQ- Johnson/Raissi d. Brunetti/Koziol  8-2
CQ- Bogdanovic/Kahler d. Burt/Israel  8-6

Girls' 14s Doubles
F- (1) Almy/Schulson d. Fenton/Swire  8-2
PL- (2) Riester/Svendsen d. (4) Cornelissen/Hailey  8-1
SF- Fenton/Swire d. (2) Riester/Svendsen  8-6
SF- (1) Almy/Schulson d. (4) Cornelissen/Hailey  8-2
CS- Mackay/Wen d. Nguyen/Robbins  8-2
CS- (3) Parkerson/Raman d. Poor/Singh  8-2
CQ- Nguyen/Robbins d. Buckhout/McPherron  9-7
CQ- Mackay/Wen d. May/Sheinin  8-6

Boys’ & Girls’ 12s Doubles

Tennis Center of Newington/Wethersfield, Conn.
Tournament Director- Mickey Schlesinger

Boys’ 12s Doubles
F- (1) Rusher/Stringer d. (3) Daus/Neal  8-4
PL- (4) Kuzmenok/Nash d. Oberg/Oberg  8-1
SF- (3) Daus/Neal d. Oberg/Oberg  9-7
SF- (1) Rusher/Stringer d. (4) Kuzmenok/Nash  8-4
CS- Mendibe/Wight d. Henderson/Lublinsky  8-6
CS- Zhang/Zhang d. Fuffo/Lorenzetti  8-5
CQ- Henderson/Lublinsky d. Jones/Song   8-6
CQ- Fuffo/Lorenzetti d. (2) Devaiah/Kollias  Wd (inj)

Girls' 12s Doubles
F- (1) Lincer/Swire d. (2) Nguyen/Robbins  8-3
SF- (2) Nguyen/Robbins d. Schulson/Shulman  9-8
SF- (1) Lincer/Swire d. Chari/Vutukur  8-2
Q- (2) Nguyen/Robbins d. Chanfrau/Savage  8-1
CS- Camacho/DeAgazio d. Chari/Vutukur  8-4
CS- Schulson/Shulman d. Diop/Sun  9-7
SQ- Camacho/DeAgazio d. Chanfrau/Savage  8-3
SQ- Diop/Sun d. Chen/Stuhlfaut   8-3


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