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USTA New England Honors Tiberio with Senior Tournament

Samantha Parlato & Olivia Massey, Sports Marketing Interns  |  June 14, 2018

BEVERLY, MA– USTA New England’s inaugural Tiberio Cup took place from June 8-10 at the Beverly Golf & Tennis Club, in honor of Beverly resident Henry Tiberio. The 95-year-old Tiberio is a lifelong tennis player and enthusiast whose goal is to grow senior tennis in New England.


“Henry was the initial inspiration for the event,” said Tournament Director, Michael LaPierre. “A lifelong competitive player, he wanted to see the best of New England’s senior divisions come and compete at a place he loves, Beverly Golf & Tennis.”


The idea for the Tiberio Cup was first introduced by Bob Greene, USTA New England Past President, last year at the 50th annual Friendship Cup. At the time, Tiberio was being inducted as part of the inaugural Hall of Fame class alongside his doubles partner, the late Irving Levine.



Twenty-six players participated in the Tiberio Cup in Men’s 60s, 70s and 80s singles and Men’s 60s doubles divisions. Following the tournament, family and friends joined the players for a cocktail party and dinner where Tiberio was presented with a plaque to honor his lifelong tennis contributions.


“I think this is a very special award and I’m so grateful to receive it. I have worked extra hard for tennis, not for myself, but more for the game,” said Tiberio. “My passion is more a resolve to elevate tennis in New England. I love tennis, tennis is my life.”


“Our hope is to grow the Tiberio Cup each year,” LaPierre added. “We want to see the very best senior tennis players put this event on their tournament schedule every year.”


Wade Frame, of Marblehead, MA, headlined the tournament on the court, winning titles in 60s singles as well as 60s doubles with partner Chris Holmes. George Deptula was victorious in the 70s division while Ernest True took home the title in the 80s.


Full tournament results are below:   

Men’s 60s Singles
F- (1) Wade Frame d. (2) Jon Wilson  6-1; 6-0
SF- (2) Jon Wilson d. Eliot Campbell  6-1; 6-1
SF- (1) Wade Frame d. Walter Long  6-0; 7-5
Q- (2) Jon Wilson d. Frederick Buffum  6-2; 6-1
Q- Eliot Campbell d. Daniel Heitzman  2-6; 7-5; 6-4
Q- Walter Long d. Robert La Roche  6-0; 6-0
CF- Daniel Heitzman d. Robert La Roche  6-1; 6-1
CQ- Daniel Heitzman d. Frederick Buffum   Wd (pc)


Men’s 70s Singles
F- (1) George Deptula d. Bruce Bartolini   6-4; 6-2
SF- Bruce Bartolini   d. Joel Herskowitz   6-1; 6-0
SF- (1) George Deptula d. Yoshi Akabane   6-1; 6-1
Q- Joel Herskowitz d. (2) Arthur Durkin  4-6; 6-2; 6-4
Q- Bruce Bartolini  d. Alan Greenbaum  6-3; 6-0
Q- Yoshi Akabane d. James Hufford  6-1; 6-1
CF- Alan Greenbaum d. James Hufford  3-6; 6-1; 6-1
CQ- Alan Greenbaum d. (2) Arthur Durkin  Wd (pc)


Men’s 80s Singles
F- Ernest True d. Hansjoerg Wyss  6-2; 6-2


Men’s 60s Doubles
F- (1) Frame/Holmes d. (2) Ames/Kreiner  6-3; 7-5
SF- (2) Ames/Kreiner d. Deptula/Wilson  7-5; 6-2
SF- (1) Frame/Holmes d. Riley/Shaw  7-5; 6-3
Q- (2) Ames/Kreiner d. Campbell/Garrison  6-1; 6-1
Q- Deptula/Wilson d. Miller/Murray  6-0; 6-1
Q- Riley/Shaw d. Kendall/Pokorski  6-1; 6-0
CF- Campbell/Garrison d. Kendall/Pokorski  Wd (pc)
CQ- Campbell/Garrison d. Miller/Murray  6-4; 6-2 



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