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Kickstart Kindness

January 01, 2022

Celebrate Sportsmanship Month all January long with us by Kickstarting Kindness! We'll be highlighting good sportsmanship online and on social media throughout the month, so be sure to follow us to see how you can be a great sport! 


2022 Kindness Champions


Annemarie Rothe and Southern Connecticut USTA League Teams - Facebook, Instagram

Larry Lebatique - Facebook, Instagram

Brandeis Tennis On Campus - Facebook, Instagram

Tri-Level League Players - Facebook, Instagram

Benjamin Taylor - Facebook, Instagram

Shumayl Shiek Syed - Facebook, Instagram

Peabody High (MA) Girls' Tennis - Facebook, Instagram

CLC YMCA (ME) - Facebook, Instagram


Nominate a Good Sport

Do you know someone who always displays good sportsmanship and sets a positive example for others? If so, nominate them as a Kickstart Kindness Hero! They will be entered to win some great prizes!

Nominate here


Player Oath

We are asking that all junior players read and sign the USTA Player Oath by the end of the month: 


"I recognize that tennis is a sport that places the responsibility for fair play on me. I promise to abide by the rules of the game, which require me to give the benefit of the doubt to my opponent. At all times I should strive to compete with the true spirit of sportsmanship, recognizing that my behavior on the court is a direct reflection of my character. Whether this match ends with my victory or defeat, I promise to conduct myself in a way that honors my opponents, my team, those who support me, and the game of tennis."


To electronically sign the Player Oath, click here


To read the Player Oath in another language, click below: 








Parent, Coach & Spectator Pledge


We are asking that everyone else read and sign the Parent, Coach & Spectator Pledge by the end of the month: 


Read and sign


To read the Parent, Coach & Spectator Pledge in another language, click below:








Free Leadership Webinar!

Leadership: The Social Value of Ethical Leadership in Sport

Ethical leadership is about building relationships. Coaching is about building relationships. Sport is a lived world. Competition provides its own social structure, its own language, its own community, and in that world lines can often get blurred between what is right and wrong. Sports leaders can often get blinded by their desire to win, and when they are exclusively guided by this desire moral and ethical reasoning is often set aside. This presentation will provide theoretical explanation and empirical research that defines ethics in sport, covers the tenants of sportsmanship versus gamesmanship, and guides you through building a coaching philosophy.


Presented by Deb Laporte, PhD, Tennis Coach, Educator and Mentor. 


Wednesday, January 25 at 12 noon


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