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2017 USTA League 


USTA Northern  |  January 23, 2018
<h2>2017 USTA League&nbsp;</h2>

Good luck to all USTA Northern teams competing at the 2017 USTA League National Championships throughout October and November at assorted locations around the country.

65 & Over Men and Women
January 19-21, 2018
Surprise, Ariz.

USTA Northern had seven teams in action at the 65 & Over USTA League National Championships in Surprise, Ariz.

The 6.0 women’s team captained by Dyanne Kerr and Julie Wasser from the Twin Cities finished 1-2 on the weekend, falling to eventual champion Pacific Northwest and Intermountain 3-0 and defeating Missouri Valley 2-1. Members of the team included Kerr, Wasser, Sandy Henk, Stephanie Reed, Jean Braun, Vicki Larson, Cindy Winkle, Sylvia King and Ruthanne Strohn. Pacific Northwest defeated Southern for the championship.

The 6.0 Twin Cities men, captained by Patrick Ledray and Eric Narvaez, lost to arch rival Southern California 2-1, losing a third set tiebreaker at the #2 position in the opening match. ADVERTISEMENT Northern then defeated Pacific Northwest 2-1 and Hawaii 2-1. Members of the team were Ledray, Narvaez, Ray Matthews, Don Glover, Roger Stevens, Gary Bilbrey, Thanh Pham, Allen Miller, Tom Galvin, Michael Schneider and Kenneth Borle. Southern California defeated Pacific Northwest, who earned the wild card for the fourth spot on Sunday, in the finals, 2-1.

The 7.0 men, captained by Narvaez and Ledray as well, also were 2-1 on the weekend, defeating Nor Cal 2-1 and Midwest 3-0, before falling to Hawaii 2-1. Hawaii lost in the finals to Southern 2-1. Members of the team included Ledray, Narvaez, Galvin, Stevens, Schneider, Miller, Steven Jackson, Rocbert Nechal, Craig Engelhart, Robert Lang, Bill Jamieson, Steve Bruell, Brad Struve, Edward Richardson, John Goulett, Leon Narvaez, Leigh Carlson and Gary Simpson.

The 7-0 Twin Cities women were also 2-1, defeating Caribbean and Southwest 2-1 and losing to Southern California 3-0. The team, captained by Carol Thies, finished tied for first place, but lost the head-to-head tiebreaker against Southern California. Members of the team include Thies, Diane Gordon, Linda Stratton, Teena Hatch, Molly McShane, Cynthia Schultz, Janice Mahoney, Marilyn Randall and Michelle Weddle. Northern California beat Southern California 2-1 for the title.

The women’s 8.0 team captained by Sue Stedman from the Twin Cities was 0-3, losing 3-0 to eventual winner Midwest and Northern California and 2-1 to Pacific Northwest. The team was Stedman, Mary Newhall, Linda Oberpriller, Cheryl Viera, Terry Pivec, Cheryl King, Deborah Day, Sheryl McRoberts, Lorrie Beckley, Elizabeth Hall and Jane Petrich. Midwest beat Mid-Atlantic for the title.

The 8.0 men from the Twin Cities and captained by Tom Boice were 1-2, losing to Hawaii 2-1 and Southern California 3-0 and defeating Pacific Northwest 2-1. So Cal won the championship 2-1 over Northern California. Members of the Northern squad were Boice, Ted Warner, Brian Mahan, Dan Halvorsen, Ron York and Rick Schultz.

The 9.0 women, captained by Cammy Johnson and Joan Baker, were three third-set tiebreakers away from advancing to Sunday’s semifinals. Northern’s Twin Cities’ team defeated New England 2-1, before falling to Intermountain 2-1 - losing two match tiebreakers - and Northern California 2-1, coming up short in the deciding match tiebreaker. Southern California defeated Southern 2-1 for the championships. The Northern team consisted of Baker, Johnson, Carol Lindow, Ching Ling Chang, Susan Mathews, Susan Furtney and Cathy Cope.

Northern did not field a 9.0 men’s team.

For complete results from the weekend, click here.  


55 & Over 7.0, 9.0 Men's and Women's
November 17-19, 2017
Orlando, Fla.

The 7.0 women's team, captained by Shirley Draz and Cathy Carney out of Life Time Lakeville, finished 1-2 by defeating Pacific Northwest 2-1 and falling to Intermountain and Texas 2-1 at the USTA National Campus in Orlando, Fla.. Members of the team included Laura Abraham, Lori Bellin, Michelle Brennan, Carney, Karen Clark, Draz, Ann Hawkins, Theresa Johnson, Jane Mills and Susan Stombaugh.  Eastern defeated Nor Cal for the championship 2-1.


The men's 7.0 team led by Eric Narvaez and Peter Haan, out of St. Paul Academy High School, was also 1-2, falling to Intermountain and Southern 2-1 and beating Eastern 2-1. Middle States won the championship 2-1 over Southern California. The Northern team consisted of Dale Chilton, Craig Englehart, Haan, Rick Hancks, Frank Jossi, Narvaez, Robert Nechal, Ed Richardson, Michael Schneider, Rick Schultz, Gary Simpson, Sai Tong, Jim Winter, Lawrence Wong and Dave Zielinkski.

The men's 9.0 division has two teams from Northern. Ken Cychosz's team out of Life Time Athletic Eden Prairie was 1-2, losing to Southern California (3-0) and Intermountain (2-1) and beating Southwest 2-1. Bob Marolt's team from Life Time Athletic St. Louis Park was 2-1, falling to Eastern 3-0, then defeating Pacific Northwest 3-0 and Hawaii 2-1. The Marolt team finished tied for first in its flight, but did not advance after losing the head-to-head battle against Eastern. Cychosz's teammates included Karl Lambert, David Schiltz, Fred Budde, Scott J. Danielson, Paul Muesing, Randy L. Crowell, Brian P. Brown, John Wilcox, Bill J. Sternard, Jeff Elliott, Mark Alevizos and Patrick Van Fleet. Members of the Marolt team included Scott Swanson, David Fishbaine, Dane Swenson, Blake Skarnes, Marshall Rosner, Daniel Shannon, Richard M Schroeder, Edwin C. Freeman, Scott A Nesbit, Charlie Jeffers, David Holt and Mark Ludwig. Southern defeated Texas 2-1 for the championship.


There is was no Northern team entered in the 9.0 women's event.


18 & Over 4.5 Men and Women/ 40 & Over 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 Mixed Doubles
November 10-12, 2017
Orlando, Fla./Mobile, Ala.

The 18 & Over 4.5 men's team, captained by Ken Cychosz out of Life Time Athletic Eden Prairie finished 2-1 at the USTA National Campus in Orlando, defeating Eastern 3-2 and Pacific Northwest 4-1, before falling to Texas 4-1. Midwest defeated Mid-Atlantic 3-2 in the finals. Members of the Northern team included Mark Alevizos, Dan Boulay, Michael Coleman, Cychosz, Sam Cychosz, Jon Henning, Pete Heunisch, Bill Kron, Will Prest, Brady Rademacher, Neil Rademacher, Brian Valley, Patrick Van Fleet and Benjamin Walt

Northern did not have a representative in the 4.5 women's tournament. Midwest def. Mid-Atlantic 3-2. for the title.

The 6.0 40 & Over mixed team, captained by Carl Bigby out of Life Time Fitness Bloomington South, finished 2-2 over the weekend in Mobile, Ala. Northern defeated Missouri Valley and Intermountain 2-1 and lost to Middle States 2-1 and Florida 3-0. Members of the team were Bigby, Suzanne Peitso, Barb Brown, Amy Sullivan, Eric Narvaez, Charles Sunderland, David Sullivan, Michele Fredrickson, Rick Hancks and Gretchen Schroeder. Caribbean defeated Texas 2-1 for the championship.        


The 7.0 team captained by Carol Thies and Eric Narvaez out of St. Paul Academy and Summit School finished 1-2, defeating Southwest 2-1 and falling to Caribbean 3-0 and Midwest 3-0. Members of the team included Melonie Sebring, Thies, Dale Chilton, Rick Hancks, Sara Hong, Ken Pomerantz, Jo Butler, Justin Long, Amy Bodine, Daniel Sebring, Peter Haan, Fernando Flores, Michele Weddle, Amy Sullivan and Rick Schultz. Florida defeated Hawaii 2-0 for the title.

Dana Hansen's 8.0 team out of InnerCity Tennis was 0-4 in Mobile, losing to Texas and Eastern 3-0 and Florida and Middle States 2-1. Members of the team included Hansen, Beci Bjornson, Jason Fregien, Dennis Labajo, Amy Biewen, Terri Yellowhammer, Alison Blackowiak, Brian Reidinger, Albert Llaurado, Laurie White, Carmen Callies, Michele Weddle, Morgan White and Mark Ciccarelli. Mid-Atlantic and Texas were declared co-champions.


Northern did not have a representative at the 9.0 championships. Northern California defeated Missouri Valley 3-0. 

6.0, 7.0, 8.0 & 9.0 18 & Over Mixed Doubles
November 3-5, 2017
Mobile, Ala.

The 9.0 team led by Greg Garritty out of Life Time Athletic St. Louis Park lost in the semifinals to eventual national champion Southern California in Mobile, Ala. Northern won its flight with a 2-1 win over Middle States and 3-0 sweeps of Caribbean and Southwest. Northern then played Southern California and lost 2-1, winning at #3 doubles, but losing in straight sets at #1 and #2. Team members included Brian Biever, Tory Borovsky, Amy Dean, Garritty, Mike Johnson, Heidi Jung, Michael Jung, Bob Marolt, Jim Marolt, Shawn Meschke, Courtney Norman, Shravan Pargal, Astrid Perez and Dan Shannon.

The 6.0 team captained by Carl Bigby and Kelly Stordahl out of Life Time Fitness – Bloomington South finished 0-4, losing to Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic, Texas and Northern California all 3-0. Members of the team included Bigby, Amy Bodine, Barb Brown, Doug Brown, Don Crofut, Amy Fong, Kevin Lockwood, Lily Lockwood, Tony Nauth, Jeffrey Nelson, Suzanne Peitso, Rachel Scofield, Stordahl and Charles Sunderland. Southern Cal defeated Pacific Northwest for the championship 2-1.

The 7.0 team captained by Larry Miller out of Aquila Park in St. Louis Park was 0-3, losing to Pacific Northwest and Midwest 3-0 and to  Mid-Atlantic 2-1 in round-robin play. Members of the team included Tony Baxter, Paul Bennett, Steve Bruell, Melissa Dalum, Annette Ellson, Lori Henrich, Hiroki Kaido, Amanda Lewandowski, Miller, Nathan Moseley, Laura Moyneur, Megan Murray-Bennett and Bonnie Niles.  

Sharon Lorentz’s
8.0 team from Fred Wells Tennis and Education Center was 1-2, falling to Nor Cal 3-0, Middle States 2-1 and defeating Southwest 3-0. Lorentz’s teammates were Caroline Anderson, Jennie Anderson, Marti Estey, Ryan Estey, Cecelia Grass, Rhonda Greene, Sam Hobbs, Chris Kawaters, Jennie Kawaters, Jill Lucas, Thomas Neary, Paul Spors, Carrie Valois, Klenton Willis and Cory Zupfer. Southern won the title, defeating Nor Cal 2-1.

3.5 40 & Over Men/Women; 55 & Over 6.0/8.0 Men
October 27-29, 2017
Fort Lauderdale, Fla./Orlando, Fla.

Congratulations to the 6.0 55 & Over men, captained by Eric Narvaez out of St. Paul Academy High School, who won the 2017 National Championship in Orlando, Fla. Northern defeated Southern California 3-0 in the finals.

In round-robin play, Northern finished second in its flight to Southern California after falling to them 2-1 in the first match of the tournament. All three individual matches went to third-set tiebreakers with So Cal winning the #1 and #2 positions and Northern taking home #3 doubles. Northern then defeated Pacific Northwest and Intermountain 3-0 and received a wild card into the semifinals based on having the highest winning percentage of the remaining teams who did not win their flights.

In the semifinals, Northern defeated Texas 3-0, setting up the finals rematch again Southern California. Northern changed its lineup from the first-round matchup, winning easily at #3 doubles and then claiming the match tiebreakers at the #1 and #2 doubles positions for the title. Members of the team included Tu Van, Thanh Pham, William Boyes. George Kimball, Narvaez, Eric Goodwin, Gary Bilbrey and Peter Haan.

This is the second time in three years, Narvaez and Northern have won the 55 & Over 6.0 men's title. Narvaez and many of his teammates also won the 55 & Over 7.0 National Championship last year.


The 6.0 55 & Over women out of InnerCity Tennis captained by Kelly Stordahl finished third in Orlando, just missing the championship match.  Northern won its flight 3-0, defeating Caribbean, Intermountain and Southwest all by the same 2-1 score at the USTA National Campus in Orlando, Fla. Northern then faced Florida in the semifinals, losing 2-1, including a third-set match tiebreaker at the #2 doubles position which decided the overall team match. Northern then rebounded to beat Pacific Northwest in the third-place match 2-1. Members of the team included Stordahl, Anita Pfiefer, Amy Sullivan, Andrea Oien, Georgia Ulmer, Dorothy Cartier, Lorna Mah Lee, Jane Castro and Nancy Eggers. Northern California defeated Florida 2-1 for the title. 


The 3.5 40 & Over women captained by Elizabeth Olig out of Life Time Athletic Oakdale Village finished 1-2, losing to eventual champion Caribbean 5-0 and to Northern California 3-2, before defeating Missouri Valley 3-2 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.  Olig’s teammates included Heidi Andrea, Amy Bodine, Carmen Callies, Gina Carlson, Patti Clifton, Stacy Foerster, Kristina Friedrichs, Sara Hong, Heidi Kelly, Kimberly Mueller,  Carolyn Murname, Jill Sisk, Shelley Wagener and Kim Wolson. Caribbean defeated Eastern 3-2 in the championship.


The 3.5 40 & Over men out of St. Paul Academy High School and captained by Eric Narvaez and Brad Struve were 0-4, losing to Pacific Northwest 3-2, and Florida, Texas and Southwest 4-1. Members of the team included Craig Engelhart, Nicholas Fisher, Fernando Flores, Tom Galvin, Tim Gunderson, Peter Haan, Rick Hancks, Randall Istre, Jason Karnes, Narvaez, Tony Nauth, Robert Nechal, Edward Richardson, Michael Schneider, Gary Simpson, Michael Streater, Struve, Layland Watson and Jim Winter. Texas defeated Mid-Atlantic for the championship 3-2.


The 8.0 55 and Over women were also in Orlando at the USTA National Campus.  The team from Life Time Athletic Eden Prairie and captained by Mary Rolston and Carol Seabring finished tied for first in its flight with Mid-Atlantic, but lost the head-to-head match-up between the two teams 2-1, losing a third-set match tiebreaker. Northern defeated Caribbean 3-0 and Northern California 2-1. Members included Karen Berg, Ann Boline, Cynthia Kozloff, Lynne O’Reilly, Rolston, Carol, Samuelson, Cindy Schwartz, Seaberg, Mary Snyder, Kathy Spanish, Margret Stanhovsky and Laura Tiffany. Florida defeated Hawaii 2-1 for the championship.


The 8.0 55 & Over men from Baseline Tennis Center and captained by Paul Dalton finished 2-1 in its flight, defeating Missouri Valley and Pacific Northwest 2-1, but falling to Southern California 2-1, losing a third-set match tiebreaker. Members of the team were Daniel Cassens, Dalton, Reg Dunlap, David Goodman, William Henneman, Mike Jones, Shuman Lee, Mark Peschel, Raj Pillai, Steven Siegel, Bill Sommers, Steve Sonnenleiter, Tony Stingley, John Weddle and Lonny Wittnebel. Mid-Atlantic defeated Middle States 3-0 for the title.  


18 & Over 2.5 Women;18 & Over 3.0 Men/Women; 40 & Over 4.0 Men/Women; 50 & Over 4.5+ Men/Women
October 20-22, 2017
Mobile, Ala./Surprise, Ariz./Orlando, Fla./Mobile, Ala.

The 2.5 women captained by Molly Kerr out of Williston Fitness Center in Minnetonka finished 2-2 on the weekend in Mobile, Ala. Northern defeated Caribbean and Mid-Atlantic 2-1, but lost to Midwest and Missouri Valley 2-1. Members of the team included Jimen Agullo, Megan Gelhar, Kerr, Janna Schultz, Dunja Sher and Terri Wendt. Due to rain, the following teams were determined co-champions: Pacific Northwest, Southern, Missouri Valley and Florida.


The 3.0 18 & Over women captained by Tia Fjelstad and Ellen Krohn out of Life Time Athetic Eden Prairie were 1-3 in Fort Lauderdale after defeating Hawaii Pacific 3-2 and falling to Florida (5-0), Southern (4-1) and Southern California (3-2). Members of the team included Jennifer Lewis, Cynthia Betz, Fjelstad, Karen Baisch, Kim Bartz, Karen Saklad, Joanna Fanuele, Robin Ryan, Smith Abbott, Julie Lizak, Ann Nachbor, Kimberly Veil, Beth Snyder, Gretchen Seifert, Kelly Willis, Sarah Curfman, Cori Miller and Amy Gleason. Northern California won the title 3-2 over Florida.

The 3.0 18 & Over Men's team captained by  Jeffrey Nelson out of Life Time Bloomington South were 0-3, losing to Missouri Valley, Pacific Northwest and Caribbean 5-0. Members of the team included Nelson, Carlton Bigby, Jake Skobroten, Andrew Larson, James Roth, Don Crofut, Andrew Carlson, Daniel Edwardson, David Sullivan, Christopher Reams and Barry Pinnock. Caribbean defeated Southern for the championship 3-2.


The 4.0 40 & Over women captained by Jodi Kortsha and Wendy Richards from Life Time Athletic St. Louis Park were 0-3 in Orlando, falling to Midwest 5-0, Southern California 4-1 and Eastern 4-1. Members of the team included Andrea Boado, Barb Brill, Barbara Buckley, Gina Carlson, Marie Coyne, Lea Favor, Karen Feagler, Joan Gustafson, Corinne Hoffmann, Kortsha, Virginia Kuberski, Lesley Longval, Janet Loomis, Michelle Morris, Jean Nitchals, Susan Patterson,  Richards, Mia Robillos, Martha Shannon and Sue Woodrich. Texas edged New England 3-2 for the championship.


The 40 & Over 4.0 men, captained by Bill Henney and Tim Theisen from Golden Valley Country Club, were 0-3 in Orlando losing to Intermountain and Hawaii 3-2 and Southern 4-1. Members of the team included Steve Gamins, Mark Gness, Michael Hayes, Henney, Alex Krol, Mark Lugar, Andrew MacArthur, Boyd Miller, Greg Poling, Jason Punton, James Rick, Brian Roussland, Tom Shustarich, Theisen, Mark Vyvyan and Lewis Yang. Florida defeated Middle States for the title 4-1.


The 40 & Over 4.5+ women were 2-1 on the weekend after defeating Texas 3-2 and New England 4-1, but losing a third-set match tiebreaker in the deciding match to Florida. Florida went on to be co-champions of the tournament with Southern as the tournament was cut short due to rain. Members of the Northern team included captain Linnea Benson, Kiersten Miller Anderson, Elyse Rabinowitz, Leslie Gale, Susan Rudd, Sally Leary, Angie Dahlof, Kristin Kettelhut,  Jennifer Heitzman, Susan Marshalla, Amy Jamieson, Rachel LaTour, Elisabeth Hurlbert, Brenda Bonderud, Mary McDonald, Cathy Cope and I Jin Lee. The team represented Life Time Fitness Bloomington South.

The 40 & Over 4.5+ men were 0-3 in Tucson falling to Florida 5-0, Northern California 4-1 and Texas 4-1.  Members of the winning team include captain David KomulaPaul Bates, Glenn Britzius, Ken Cychosz, Christopher Gustilo, Brian Johnson, Dan Carlson, Jon Carlson, Corey Kotlarz, Karl Lambert, Scott Larsen, Kirk Lithun, Daniel Richards, Justin Seim, Dan Shannon, Scott Swanson, Charles Weigel and David Wolden. Middle States won the championship 4-1 over Midwest. 


4.0 18 & Over Men/Women; 3.0 40 & Over Men/Women
October 13-15, 2017
Surprise, Ariz./Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The 4.0 Men out of Baseline Tennis Center captained by Trev Fenner finished 0-3, losing to Hawaii Pacific 3-2, Middle States 5-0 and Missouri Valley 3-2 in Surprise, Ariz. Fenner’s teammates included Darren Amundson, Christopher Benyo, Andrew Eklund, Gautam Erande, Nick Halverson, Jim Nam Kim, John Kindseth, Ken Lyons, Andrew McIntyre, Scott Peyton, Jan Prihoda, Austin Povilaitis, Jaylen Schrader and Brennan Vargas. Southern defeated Southern California for the title 4-1.

The 4.0 women captined by Julie Ouyang and Michelle Stein’s from Life Time Athletic Oakdale Village finished 1-2 defeating Texas 3-2, but losing to Pacific Northwest 5-0 (losing 3 third-set tiebreakers) and Intermountain 3-2 (losing 2 third-set tiebreakers) in Surprise. Members of the team included Angie Beissel, Amy Biewen, Miranda Ebner, Laura Edwards, Nikki Johnson, Jennifer Jorgenson, Amy Lamparske, Janet Loomis, Addie Lordemann, Lauren Madsen, Joy Mancini, Karen Neis, Julie Oseid, Ouyang, Kim Perla, Megan Schmidt, Stein, Sarah Suk, Laurie White and Megan Wrobel. Missouri Valley def. Midwest 4-1 for the championship.

The 3.0 40 & Over Women captained by Ruth Eliason and Tara Swanholm out of Minnetonka Tennis Club finished 2-2 on the clay in Fort Lauderdale, defeating Hawaii and Intermountain 3-2 and falling to  Texas 5-0 and Caribbean 4-1. Southern defeated Middle States for the title. The team consisted of Lezlie Bork,  Eliason, Susan Ellis, Carol Friendly, Jody James, Wanda Makis, Dianne Paulus, Lisa Pearson, Emily Starita, Carrie Stolar, Michelle Stork, Swanholm, Sheryl Ann Tufo, Jennifer Warren and Yelena Yan.


The 3.0 men's team out of Life Time Fitness Bloomington South and captained by Carl Bigby was also 2-2, defeating Northern California 4-1 and New England 3-2, but losing to Florida 3-2, and Pacific Northwest 5-0. Pacific Northwest lost in the finals 3-2 to Middle States. Members of the Northern team included Bigby, Jeffrey Nelson, Barry Pinnock, Sergiy Yurchak, Andrew Carlson, James Roth, Sai Tong, Alejandro Trevino, Eric Carlson, John Doan, Thomas Gebell and Stan Opstad.

3.5 18 & Over Men/Women; 5.0 18 & Over Men/Women
October 6-8, 2017
Surprise, Ariz./Orlando, Fla.


The 3.5 team men's 18 & Over team captained by Michael Torres and Morgan White out of Baseline Tennis Center finished 0-3 in its flight, losing to Caribbean 5-0, Southwest 3-2 and Hawaii 3-2 in Surprise, Ariz. Members of the team included Jeff Craig, Mike Getzkin, Jeffrey Hall, Edi Hasan, Paul Kotz, Jon Kruse, Damian Langsweirdt, Aniket Murlidharan, Jeffrey Pasko, Todd Pasko, Brian Reidlinger, Bradley Simon, Kyle Syverson, Torres, Cody Werner and White. 

The 3.5 18 & Over team captained by Carol Thies out of Life Time Fitness Bloomington South finished 1-2 in its flight, defeating Middle States 4-1 and falling to New England and Southwest 3-2. Members of the team included Miroslava Belik, Marnie Brown, Jo Butler, Annie D’Souza, Jeanne Ewen, Ann Hawkins, Jane Mills, Marilyn Randall, Rachel Reese, Catherine Schneider, Linda Smith, Lauren Smith-Kiewel, Thies, Michele Weddle and Aimee Zweber

USTA Northern did not have a men's or women's 18 & Over 5.0 team compete in Orlando.


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