Ron Cioffi / USTA Southern  |  March 20, 2018

2018 Southern Tennis Yearbook Released

Our goal is to expand tennis in 9 Southern states.

2018 Southern Tennis Yearbook Released

2018 Southern Tennis Yearbook Online

Click to view the online 2018 Southern Tennis yearbook


The annual 2018 Southern Tennis yearbook contains USTA Southern information, stories and photos covering the news and achievements made in 2017, along with a preview of our direction in 2018.


The full 100-page version (seen at right) is available to download. Click here to view the yearbook. This version contatins complete junior and adult rankings, and adult schedules. The complete junior schedule is available at


A 28-page was mailed to USTA Southern's more than 200 committee members/volunteers, along with more than 1,000 member organizations (community tennis associations, NJTLs, clubs, parks and recreation departments, etc.)


We will still support members who want to receive a condensed, 28-page printed yearbook. ADVERTISEMENT Contact our office at 770-368-8200 or by email — and we will mail you a copy.


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