2023 Southern Closed Championships

Brooke Greene Hammond | June 14, 2023

The 2023 USTA Southern Closed Championships, Level 3, were played in four locations beginning on June 8. Here are the cities: 12s, Cary, N.C.; 14s, Macon, Ga.; 16s, Little Rock, Ark. and 18s, Mobile, Ala. (Photos can be found on the USTA Southern Facebook Page)


Johan Lee, of Ga., was both the singles and doubles champion in Boys’ 12s. He won doubles with his partner, Smyan Vijay of N.C. Emery Combs, of S.C., also won both singles and doubles in Girls’ 12s, competing with her partner, Grace Murrell, of S.C.


Other girls’ singles champions included Bella Arwood, of Ga., in 14s, Andi Anderson, of Ga., in 16s, and Elizabeth Fauchet, of Tenn. in 18s. Girls’ doubles champions were Londyn McCord and Oleksandra Revina, of Ga., in 14s, Addy Rogin, of Ga., and Victoria Mann, of N.C., in 16s, and Lillie Murphy and Eleni Liakonis, of Tenn., in 18s.


Boys’ singles champions were Vincent Weaver, of Ga., in 14s, Yannik Alvarez, of Ga., in 16s, and Aidan Atwood, of Ga., in 18s. Boys’ doubles champions included Tylan Lamb, of Tenn., and Zachary Szymanski, of Ga., in 14s, Lucas Smith and Sutton Severance, of S.C., in 16s, and Cody Benton, of N.C., and Nathan Pitts, of S.C., in 18s. (Finalists continued below)

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Boys' singles finalists include Blount Williams, of N.C., in 12s, Jason Eigbedion, of Ga., in 14s, Lucas Smith, of S.C., in 16s, and Nathan Pitts, of S.C., in 18s.


Boys' doubles finalists were Kevin Jonathan, of Ga., and Trishiv Premandand, of N.C., in 12s, Jackson McCrory and Jackson Belcher, of La., in 14s, Jack Veazey IV and Samuel Schroerlucke, of Tenn., in 16s, and Aidan Atwood, of Ga., and Brendan Boland, of Ark., in 18s.


Girls' singles finalists were Natalie Frisbie, of Tenn., in 12s, Juliana Diianni, of Ga., in 14s, Brooklyn Hoffmann, of Ga., in 16s, and Savannah Presson, of Tenn., in 18s.


Girls' doubles finalists were Isabella Lopez, of Ky., and Isha Manchala, of S.C., in 12s, Bella Arwood, of Ga., and Carley Griffin, of La., in 14s, Andi Anderson and Brooklyn Hoffmann, of Ga., in 16s, and Olivia Corcoran and Allison Harris, of N.C., in 18s.


Congratulations all!



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