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Josie Frazier (Scottsdale, Arizona)

July 11, 2017
Josie Frazier (Scottsdale, Arizona)</h2>

Josie Frazier has been on the Southwest tennis radar for what seems like forever. At just 16 years of age, she's still got a long way to go, though it still feels like an eternity ago that she won the prestigious Little Mo Nationals at nine years old in 2010, the de facto 10-and-under age group championships in the United States.

Fast forward three quarters of a decade from her Little Mo breakthrough, and the Scottsdale resident Frazier is still around, still tearing up draws and winning tournament titles, and continuing to make her mark in tennis, as well as helping others make theirs in the sport.

Frazier has been ranked No. 1 in every age group so far in the Southwest except 18s - (this is her first year, she's ranked No. 8) and typically been at or better than top 70 in the country in national rankings. ADVERTISEMENT She captured an Arizona girls Division I singles title for Desert Mountain in her freshman year and this past spring as a sophomore helped lead them to a state team title.

She'll be a junior this year, and she's already a five-star recruit on's listing for Class of 2019, with surely her choice of colleges willing to offer her to come play.

Frazier is also something of a mentor to young players. It comes easy, as the oldest of three tennis-playing sisters. She's leant her time to USTA Southwest 10 and Under Development camps, handing out advice to young players just learning the ropes, just like she did a few years back. She was recently named to the USTA Junior Leadership Team, which recognizes America's finest junior tennis players who exhibit sportsmanship and character on and off the court and in the community.

We recently caught up with Frazier and asked her a few questions about her tennis world as this month's USTA Southwest All About Tennis Junior Feature.  

Do you remember how you get started with tennis?

JF: My mom played college tennis (University of Evansville (Indiana), and she started teaching me when I was around five years old. I've been at it in since then.

What has been your best tournament experience since you started competing?
JF: Playing in all of the team events like Zonals and Intersectionals (traveling for USTA Southwest squads) has probably been the most fun.

What was your very first USTA tournament? How old were you and how did you feel approaching the match?
JF: I remember playing a Level 6 event in Tucson when I was about six. I remember being nervous about playing, but mostly I was excited in a good way.

What is your ultimate goal with tennis?
JF: I think the ultimate goal for me is to play for a top Division I College and possibly play pro after college.

So what schools are you thinking of for now...or have visited?
JF: I'll be visiting a couple of schools this summer actually when I go and play Clay Court Nationals. I am visiting Wake Forest, University of Virginia, William and Mary and possibly Duke. I'm definitely looking to get out of that Arizona heat, but I'm still beginning my recruiting process, so I'll pretty much explore any option with college tennis. Not really sure about what I'll major in just yet, but kind of leaning towards a business degree. It's still a couple of years away.  

What do you most like to do when you're not playing tennis?
JF: I really love to spend time with my friends and just relax. I do enjoy the traveling of tennis, but I like taking vacations, too. I've been lucky enough to travel to many places with some of my closest friends, and those have been some of my most fond memories.  

You're the oldest in a tennis-playing family of three girls (Julia is 12 and Alexandra is 9). You've already gone through a lot of things with tennis. Are you teaching your younger siblings any of these things and trying to help them with things you might have had issues with?
JF: Definitely. I'm the oldest and have been at this, and my sisters are just now starting to play competitively more. I'd say I've given my sisters lots of advice, more about playing tournaments when you're young. Also, just how to try to balance school and tennis.  

Do you remember playing and winning the Little Mo Tournament in Texas when you were 9? That was a pretty big stage at a young age. Was that kind of the first moment when you thought, "Hey, I really like tennis and maybe can be good at this?"
JF: Yes, that was fun! I do remember Little Mo, it used to be my favorite tournament of the year. I would say winning that event definitely sparked my interest in playing and competing more at national tournaments.

Who is your favorite tennis player and what would you do if you could meet them?
JF: My favorite tennis player is Roger Federer. I would ask,  "What is it like being considered the greatest tennis player ever?"  

Who's been the biggest role model or help for you with tennis?
My coach David Critchley (at The Players' Academy in Scottsdale) has been by far the biggest help in my tennis game.  

You've played a ton of matches in all in your time as a USTA junior, 912 in about 10 years. Do you really just enjoy getting out there and competing? You're pretty much always among the last girls standing at an event, so you're playing a lot.
JF: Tournaments are  one of my favorite parts of this sport. I really do enjoy getting out on the court and playing and competing. I try not to focus as much on the outcome, but more on how I am playing and what I'm learning out there each day to get better.

Do you have any odd quirks or rituals out there on the court?
JF: When I'm playing matches, I always try to use the ball I won the last point with.

What's been your favorite moment so far in your tennis journey?
JF: Winning a Division I state girls' singles title and a state team title for Desert Mountain High School for sure.

* Reached finals of Girls' 18s Southwest Closed in June 2018
* State high school champion in girls singles Division I as freshman, team champ as sophomore for Desert Mountain
* USTA National Clay Court Championships Girls 12s doubles title, 2013
* Multiple-time sportsmanship award winner
* Named to USTA Junior Leadership Team, summer 2017


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