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2017 ADULT 40 & OVER 


September 18, 2017
<h2>2017 ADULT 40 &amp; OVER </h2>



Dallas led the way with five titles, while Fort Worth, NOHO and San Antonio each won one as the Adult 40 & Over Sectional Championships send eight winners to Nationals.



Ladies 3.0 Champions - San Antonio

San Antonio defeated Austin 3-2 in the finals on Sunday, September 16 to earn a spot in the 40 & Over 3.0 National Championships at the Lauderdale Tennis Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from October 13-15. San Antonio went 4-0 in round robin play before defeating Austin at Sonterra Country Club on Sunday.


“Fair Oaks Simply Smashing” play out of Fair Oaks Country Club in Boerne and are captained by Cari Richardson and Co-Captain Jaime Barrera. Their 20 player roster includes Kimberly Arch, Stacy Arnold, Marina Baker, Stephanie Bussey, Melissa Crank, Stacy Fritz, Nicole Gallegos, Lauren Griffith, Kristi Grizzaffi, Ruth Johnson, Robin Kozub, Dana Moran, Angel Schneider, Allison Sedlak, Nicole Svendsen, Leslie Taylor, Jessica Weisel and Jada Williams.



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Men's 3.0 Champions - Dallas

Dallas dominated the Men’s 3.0 division, going undefeated to clinch the Section Championship. Dallas is headed to Fort Lauderdale from October 13-15 for the National Championships.


“RGAC/Fitzgerald M3.0” is captained by Robert Fitzgerald and play out of Rockwall Golf and Athletic Club in Rockwall. The team consists of players Robert Asbill, Christopher Dennis, Michael Hood, Brian Jones, Vance Miller, Timothy Nichols, Patrick Persons, Marc Pickren and George Wooming.


Full 3.0 Men's Results




Ladies 3.5 Champions - Dallas

Dallas won the Ladies 3.5 division, edging out Austin 3-2 in the finals. Dallas went 3-0 in flight play, then beat NOHO 4-1 in the semis before taking down Austin to earn a spot at the Lauderdale Tennis Club from October 27-29.


“High Point/Hord W3.5S” is captained by Lynn Hord and play out of High Point Tennis Center in Plano. The team includes: Amy Abernathy, Chesle Blair, Kristen Boyd, Emily Chapman, Amy Cox, Martha Sue Crowther, Ericka Dove, Allison Glastad, Elizabeth Helton, Ginger Kamm, Marsha Madhu, Elizabeth Maurice, Pam McWhorter, Belinda Nail, Jennifer Paulk, Sandy Seaton, Amy Smith, Dagny Teiber, Jeanne Trischett, Deedee Wise, Julie Wolf and Karen Zotos.


Full Ladies 3.5 Results




Men's 3.5 Champions - Dallas

Dallas took a tightly contested Men’s 3.5 division, defeating Laredo 3-2 on Saturday then Austin 3-2 on Sunday to move onto the National Championships in Fort Lauderdale. Dallas went 2-0 in flight play, defeating NOHO and Wild San Antonio along the way.


“High Point/Thorat M3.5” are captained by Vikas Thorat and play out of High Point Park Tennis Center in Plano. Their roster: Julien Allouard-Carny, Sanjay Ambekar, Joydeep Bhattacharjee, Daniel Jentz, Prashant Jyothi, James Kawahigashi, Craig Markley, Chris Martin, Thaliyakkattil Prasanth, Wreljen Requina, Mark Rollins, Doug Walker, Gelvin Zuniega Bolongaita and Jim Zimmermann.


Full 3.5 Men’s Results



Ladies 4.0 Champions - Dallas

Dallas had to wait for the very last match, but they earned their spot in the National Championships with a 3-2 win over Austin in the Ladies 4.0 final. Dallas went 2-0 in flight play and swept Fort Worth 5-0 in the semis before beating Austin and punching their ticket to the USTA National Campus in Orlando from October 20-22.


“Oak Creek/Vu W4.0” are captained by Nycole Vu and play out of Oak Creek Tennis Center in Carrollton. The team includes Kara Berger, Danna Bond, Leslie Boone, Rebecca Bridges, Bea Demel, Roz Erlewein, Michelle Fitch, Regina Fitch, Wendy Holiner, Kathy Jackson, Pearl LaRue, Linda Leftin, Maureen McCaffrey, Stefani McQueary, Cheri Prichard, Laura Pyle and Elizabeth Shaw.

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Men's 4.0 Champions - NOHO

NOHO landed itself a spot at the USTA National Campus with a 3-2 win over Austin in the Men’s 4.0 finals on Sunday, September 17. NOHO went undefeated in flight play (posting the best individual score of 13-2) before downing San Antonio 4-1 in the semis and taking the final against Austin.


“Woodlands-Spearman” play out of The Woodlands Parks and Recreation and are led by Captain Michael Spearman and Co-Captain Jason Freeman. Their roster includes Brad Beinart, Tim Blanchard, Scott Boarman, Ben Caruso, John Flores, Dan Forlenza, Connor Ha, Chad Johnson, Phil Kerig, Jorge Lei, Rick Malone, Miles Marks, Donn Nguyen, Adam Riggs, Derek Taylor, Danny Vu, Michael Walker and Phillip Wills.


Full 4.0 Men's Results



Ladies 4.5+ Champions - Fort Worth

Fort Worth took home the Ladies 4.5 crown, posting an overall team score of 4-1 to punch their ticket to the 40 & Over 4.5+ National Championships at the Mobile Tennis Center in Mobile, Alabama. Fort Worth had the best record of all six teams in the division, losing only their final match to San Antonio 3-2 after having already clinched the title.


“WAG PHAM” is captained by Lynh Pham and play out of Wagon Wheel Tennis Center in Coppell. The team of 14 includes Alisa Bennett, Sarah Campbell, Krista Carlson, Lynne Cook, Kimberly DeWitt, Cecy Feld, Mercedes Fernandez, Kate Poplin Ikeda, Holly Kerr, Franchel Krueger, Kelly Pearson, Anne Perez and Lisa Zimmerman.


Full 4.5 Ladies Results



Men's 4.5 Champions - Dallas

Dallas came away with the Men's 4.5 title, defeating Fort Worth 3-2 in the finals to reserve the right to represent Texas at the National Championships in Mobile from October 20-22. Dallas, NOHO and the Valley all finished with a team score of 2-1 in flight play, but Dallas advanced with the best individual score of 10-5.


"Oak Creek/Sweeney M4.5" play out of Oak Creek Tennis Center in Carrollton. They are captained by Mark Sweeney and their roster boasts 19 players: Constantine Ananiadis, Roger Anderson, Ty Anderson, Robert Barrie, Thomas Bartzen, Craig Bell, Carlos Correia, Eugene Davis, Chris Hill, Mark Hunt, Mark Lafavre, David Menefee, Donnie Pollard, Scott Pope, John Singleton, Scott Stidham, Steve Todd, Jeff Westmeyer and Jeff Williams.


Full 4.5 Men's Results


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