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2021 40 & Over Sectionals Results

August 31, 2021
Women's 3.0 - Dallas - Shawna Allen, Belinda Cross, Brianna Eilers, Stacy Fritz, Courtney Garcia, Alee Griver, Vera Hoffman, Ruthann Johnson, Jennifer Jones, Deborah Lange, Lori Martin, Louceyette New, Ann Ross, Michelle Sagray, Erin Seki, Tressa Trayhan,

Teams across Texas competed August 27-29 in Houston in the 40 & Over League Sectionals to compete for who would represent the state at the 2021 USTA League National Championships. Teams from Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio all came out victorious against a strong field of competition. 


Click here for photos from the event


40 & Over - Men's 3.0

Winner: "Sonterra Overserved" - San Antonio 

Captain: John Ganser

Roster: Daniel Alonso, Craig Beckel, Jeremy Bergeron, John Ganser, Kent Kirkman, Gary Lee, Scott McClure, Steve McCoy, John McMillan, Jeff Moe, Daniel Molina, Toby Mulligan, Franko Munoz, Christian Nelson, Tho Nguyen, Troy Paddock, Jorge Perez, John Tobin, Phillip Valadez


40 & Over - Women's 3.0

Winner: "Blossom All Around" - San Antonio

Captain: Brenda Worsham

Roster: Shawna Allen, Belinda Cross, Brianna Eilers, Stacy Fritz, Courtney Garcia, Alee Griver, Vera Hoffman, Ruthann Johnson, Jennifer Jones, Deborah Lange, Lori Martin, Louceyette New, Ann Ross, Michelle Sagray, Erin Seki, Tressa Trayhan, Brenda Worsham, Edie Wright


40 & Over - Men's 3.5

Winner: "Westwood 3.5" - Austin

Captains: Tony Kayser and John Schlesinger

Roster: Ty Allen, Andy Heard, Landon Hertel, Tony Kayser, Philip Moore, Joe Newberry, Christopher Oddo, Michael Plaisance, Randall Pugh, John Schlesinger, Taylor Shepard, Dunny Wanstrath, Nikolas White, Pat Woodman, Scott Zodin



40 & Over - Women's 3.5

Winner: SpringPark - Dallas

Captains: Michelle Coates and Cheryl Bradley

Roster: Trionne Barnett, Cheryl Bradley, Michelle Coates, Jenna Dinh, Aundi Henderson, Marla Howard, Suzie Kohler, Ginger Newberg, Stacy Nobles, Ana O'Reilly, Beena Paracha, Elaine Payne, Jacky Pincoffs, Ruth Priest, Laura Ray, Kristin Rosenbaum, Deborah Schlang, Kerry Schonwald, Bonnie Shea, heather stobaugh, Teri Wilson, Wendy Woodward



40 & Over - Men's 4.0

Winner: "Westwood 4.0" - Austin

Captain: Mark Werner

Roster: Russell Booth, Phil Buch, Kell Cahoon, Michael Chibib, Gregory Connor, Jason Gooch, Fred Kennedy, Gary Perez, Michael Phillips, Kevin Priestner, Bryan Sheffield, Berkley Simmons, Mark Werner, John Ziebert



40 & Over - Women's 4.0

Winner: Greenhill - Dallas

Captains: Lynn Hord and Emily Chapman


Roster: Farah Ashmore, Heather Bartzen, Chesle Blair, Traci Boddie, Jennifer Cascavilla, Emily Chapman, Amy Cox, Heather Damron, Anne Doise, Lisa Dryden, Gale Dunleavy, Candice Ewing, Allison Glastad, Carmen Heber, Lynn Hord, Jennifer Jacobs, Lisa Johnson, Keri Jordan, Rosalyn Luong, Stephanie Moseley, Elizabeth Nevelow, Jennifer Paulk, Cherie Smith, Amy Smith, Audrey Wendel, Melany White, Hollie Williams



40 & Over - Men's 4.5

Winner: Blossom - San Antonio

Captain: PJ Pfeiffer

Roster: John Arringdale, Manuel Avina, Daniel Cambon, Chad Case, Michael Caskey, Todd Ermenio, Michael Greenwood, Patrick Johnson, Jana Labra, Enrique Marcos, Guillermo Martin Del Campo, Chris Mireles, Luis Moreno, Kevin Mullins, David Nasser, PJ Pfeiffer, Estevan San Miguel, Mark Schendel, Randy Tawil, Patrick Terrell


40 & Over - Women's 4.5

Winner: LifeTime - Dallas

Captain: Xi Lu Narain

Roster: Tracy Aaron, Maggie Barton, Marian Bednar, Keasha Behrman, Jennifer Butcher, Jennifer Engels, Melissa Hanold, Vanessa Kelley, Jana Labra, Maria Lopez, Xi Lu Narain, Deb Nguyen, Christina Oberg, Amy Ostella, Yvon Pho, Courtney Ries, Kristal Roberts, Nicole Stammel, Jenifer Summers, Tiffini Williams


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