"How do I avoid a no-show default?"

Terry Gatzki, USTA Official | November 17, 2023

Not showing up to your assigned court for a match or showing up late, also known as a "no-show default" can be a unnecessary and costly mistake. USTA Official and Chair of the USTA Texas Officials Committee Terry Gatski explains how and why you should avoid this mistake: 

Terry Gatzki, USTA Texas Officials Chair

"In the Friend at Court 2023 on page 38 under Principles, it states the following: 'Courtesy is expected. Tennis is a game that requires cooperation and courtesy.'


"This courtesy begins even before the first ball is struck.  


"If you are going to withdraw before your first match, it is a courtesy to the tournament and especially your opponent to let them know as soon as possible. No-show defaults are awarded 5 suspension points.  


"If you are going to withdraw from any match during the tournament, please let the tournament desk know so that your opponent can be notified, especially if the next match is at 8:00 am the next day. 


"If everyone treated their opponent the way they would like to be treated, tennis would be even more fun to play. 



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