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Share your love for the game and become a USTA Midwest volunteer!

If you’re looking for a fun and rewarding way to give back to the sport, consider becoming a volunteer! The USTA Midwest is a volunteer-driven organization with various committees and taskforces working closely with staff to provide support and resources to junior and adult programs and initiatives. 

Scroll down this page to view our current volunteer openings, and consider how you can apply your skills and tennis background to help the Section fulfill its mission of growing and servicing the game. CLICK HERE to view the committee and taskforce chart.


Applications are now closed.

Click here for information on USTA/Midwest Tennis Education & Foundation Board openings.

Midwest Committees & Taskforces

Committee Goals: Promote greater diversity in overall participation, USTA Midwest services, activities, events, programs and volunteers. This committee crosses over the entire organization and is inclusive of Team Adult, Team Junior, Team Management and Task Forces.

Committee Goals: Grow participation in sustainable, tech-friendly adult social play opportunities with a focus on the Millennial and Generation Z generations. 

Committee Goals: Identify and implement ways to enhance the customer experience of all Section league championships in 2023 and 2024 and explore a better way to market and educate the new-to-Adult Leagues audience.  

Committee Goals: Facilitate the required regulations and procedures pursuant to the USTA Adult League program and collaborate with the Adult Leagues Committee around educating players on the rules/suspension system and NTRP process.


This committee will consist of four working groups including League Grievance, League Grievance Appeal, NTRP Appeals and League Rules.

Committee Goals: Grow participation in the youth tournament pathway by focusing on education and financial barriers.  This committee will consist of a working group to address sanctions and scheduling of junior competition events.

Committee Goals: Grow participation in Junior Team Tennis and Tennis on Campus programs as well maintain the collegiate efforts of the Section. This committee will include two subcommittees including Junior Team Tennis and Collegiate.

Committee Goals: Establish and recommend a comprehensive plan to increase sustainable adult and junior programming and participation through local parks departments, Community Tennis Associations (CTAs), schools and National Junior Tennis League (NJTL) Chapters. This committee will likely include several subcommittees that are still to be determined. The comprehensive plan will be presented to the Board of Directors.

Committee Goals: Promote and provide sustainable wheelchair tennis programs, camps and tournaments for people in wheelchairs while utilizing Serve Tennis.

Committee Goals: Promote and provide sustainable adaptive tennis programs, camps and tournaments by helping providers initiate new programs, host events and create more play opportunities that will be registered through Serve Tennis.   

Committee Goals: Facilitate the bylaws, rules and regulations processes of the Section, which is inclusive of placing before the voting Membership and Executive Committee all changes to USTA Midwest governing documents once they are properly submitted, working with the individuals and the committees proposing changes to the bylaws, Standing Orders, and rules and regulations to assure clarity and timeliness, and vetting the submitted changes during conference calls, email and facilitated discussions among the membership and Executive Committee. 

Committee Goals: Investigate and decide matters related to the bylaws and USTA Regulations of the USTA; the bylaws regulations, policies and procedures of USTA Midwest; and the standards of conduct, fair play and good sportsmanship. This is not inclusive of those grievances handled by the working groups within the Adult League Administration Committee. 

Committee Goals: Support and provide guidance to the Section and the CFO during the annual budget creation process inclusive of the final recommendation to the Board of Directors. This committee will be responsible for the 2024 and 2025 budgets. This committee will consist of a working group to review and provide feedback to the Section’s annual audit.  

Committee Goals: Review, analyze, and provide guidance related to the ongoing investment strategy and investment results of the Section in concert with the Section’s outside financial advisor.

Taskforce Goals: Create an environment for clubs that provide tennis in the Section to collaborate with the Section and its Districts by sharing best practices and the challenges of working with USTA, and by exploring business models that can benefit tennis participation.

Taskforce Goals: Analyze and create a recommendation on how to best address the aging tennis infrastructure in the Section. Aging Infrastructure for the purpose of this task force will focus solely on tennis facilities. This recommendation will be presented to the Board of Directors.

Taskforce Goals: Analyze and identify major financial and operational efficiencies that can be created in the relationship between the Section and District. The results will be presented to the Board of Directors.

Taskforce Goals: Identify business development and sponsorship opportunities to benefit the Section and its Districts, and provide a recommendation on how to continue to grow these opportunities. This recommendation will be presented to the Board of Directors.

USTA/Midwest Tennis and Education Foundation Board

Make a difference by serving on the foundation board! We are looking for dedicated volunteers to help fulfill our mission and vision by focusing on our strategic pillars.


Mission: We connect the joy of tennis to educational opportunities and enhance the lives of our youth and all persons with disabilities.


Vision: We are dedicated to inspiring character and leadership through education and to impacting entire communities by keeping people active and healthy through tennis.


Strategic Pillars:

  • Increase funding
  • Develop new programs
  • Build the brand by increasing recognition and visibility
  • Continue to develop the organization


Applications are now closed.


Learn more about the USTA/Midwest Tennis and Education Foundation here.

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