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View the 2022 awards criteria hereClick here to submit your 2022 awards nominations. For any additional information, please contact Jamie Galloway, USTA Heart of America Awards Committee Chair, at awardshoa@gmail.com.


The following individuals, as well as those representing award-winning facilities and organizations, will be honored at the USTA Heart of America Annual Awards Dinner on November 9 at Indian Hills Country Club in Mission Hills, KS.

2022 Award Winners

Stephanie Waterman Junior Sportsmanship - Female

Bryson Langford


Junior Player of the Year - Female

Audrey Spencer


Junior Player of the Year - Male

Cooper Woestendick


Emerging Jr Player of the Year – Female

Ella Wang


Emerging Jr Player of the Year - Male

Rishi Goli


Junior Sportsmanship Awards

Remi Jennings - Girls 10

Kynsey Smith – Girls 12

Neema Kimaku – Girls 14

Shelby Smith – Girls 16

Lera Alexin – Girls 18

Wyatt Markham – Boys 12

Micah Ward – Boys 14

Arjun Reiland – Boys 16

Christopher Smith Jr. ADVERTISEMENT – Boys 18


Adult Player of the Year - Female

Denise Chiao


Adult Player of the Year - Male

Grant Huddin


Adult Player - 4.0 & Below - Female

Jill Burgdorfer


Adult Player - 4.0 & Below - Male

Duane Strader


Shawna Froeschl Adult Sportsmanship - Male

Charles Wohlers


Shawna Froeschl Adult Sportsmanship - Female

Maria Andrew


Outstanding Contributor to USTA League Tennis

Connie Bennett


High School Coach

R. Scott Hanover


Outstanding Contributor to USTA Tennis Youth Programs

Christopher Claypool


Outstanding Contributor to Youth High Performance Program

Jared Ward


Outstanding Contributor to Junior Team Tennis

Kyle Aaron


Outstanding Official

Marvin Stringfellow


Family of the Year

The Marrs Family


Outstanding Diversity Achievement

Dr. Melissa Burns


Community Service Excellence

Katie Bolton Green


Volunteer of the Year

Chinmoy Dev


Facility of the Year

Overland Park Racquet Club


Member Organization

Genesis - KC


Outstanding Community Tennis Association

Stephanie Waterman Foundation


Outstanding Junior Tournament

L5 Jayhawk


Outstanding Adult/Senior Tournament

Husband & Wife


Event of the Year

Lob & Learn Pro-Am Event


Distinguished Service to USTA Heart of America

Deborah Fabrizius


A list of 2021 award winners can be found here. 


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