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Award Descriptions

July 28, 2017
<h2>Award Descriptions</h2>

Junior Sportsmanship Awards

Awarded to the USTA New England boy and girl players in the 12 and Under, 14 and Under, 16 and Under and 18 and Under age divisions who exemplified outstanding sportsmanship qualities on and off the court during the past year. Nominee should be positive role model to those around them both on and off the court.


Junior Tournament of the Year

Awarded to a USTA New England junior tournament that provided the optimal experience for junior players during the past year. The nominated tournament should be one that follows USTA rules, monitors match play and spectators for fair play and good sportsmanship and communicates well with players and their associates before, during and after the tournament. The nominated tournament should also schedule matches well, provide amenities and a trophy presentation and whose tournament director is welcoming and inclusive of all at the tournament. ADVERTISEMENT


William Freedman Award

Awarded annually to the person who made an outstanding contribution to the development of junior tennis throughout his or her career.


Adult Sportsmanship Awards

Awarded to the USTA New England adult male and female players who showed continued sportsmanship on and off the court during the past year. Nominee should be a player whose opponents agree always plays by the rules when competing in USTA Tournaments and/or USTA League matches, is welcoming and inclusive towards both new and experienced players and projects a positive attitude towards opponents and the game off court (win or lose).


Adult Tournament of the Year

Awarded to a USTA New England adult tournament that provided an optimal experience for USTA New England players during the past year. The tournament must be held at a well-maintained facility. The tournament director and organizers should communicate well with players before and during the tournament, provide a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, promote fair play and good sportsmanship, and provide suitable amenities and tournament awards.


NTJL Chapter of the Year*

Awarded to the USTA NJTL chapter that showed an exemplary commitment to the sport through tennis. educational programming and community partnerships. The chapter must a registered NJTL with USTA and must offer tennis and educational programming. The nominated NJTL should also demonstrate partnerships with other local organizations and promote and utilize the 10 and Under Tennis format.


Organization of the Year*

 Awarded to the organization that best exemplifies service to the community, service to its members through junior and adult programs and service to the game of tennis.


Community Tennis Association of the Year*

Awarded to the registered USTA Community Tennis Association that made the greatest impact on its community during the past year through programming, events and partnerships. The nominated CTA must be registers with the USTA. The CTA should offer quality USTA programming with consistent growth in participation and should establish partnerships with other local organization. The CTA should also demonstrate organization structure and volunteer recruitment.


Starfish Award

Awarded to the high school coach in New England who masters the skills of leadership and team development through support of a no-cut program. The coach must be registered as a No-Cut Coach on the USTA Schools Registry and must have been coaching for a minimum of 5 years.


USTA Jr. Team Tennis Organizer of the Year*

Awarded to the individual who makes an extraordinary effort to organize, facilitate, coach and/or promote USTA New England’s Jr. Team Tennis programming. The nominee should demonstrate collaboration with local organizations and/or sponsors, show consistent growth in JTT participation and promote and use the 10 and Under Tennis format if applicable.


USTA League Coordinator of the Year

Awarded to the USTA League coordinator who showed exemplary initiative in growing tennis in the local area and provided quality customer service to USTA League players and Industry Partners during the previous Championship Year. This award is to be determined by the USTA New England League Committee.


USTA League Captain of the Year

Awarded to the male and female USTA League captains who showed exemplary leadership, sportsmanship and enthusiasm to his/her team and to the USTA League program during the previous Championship Year. These awards are to be determined by the USTA New England League Committee.


Official of the Year

Awarded to the USTA Official in New England who provided exemplary officiating of professional or amateur events during the past year. A nominee must be a USTA certified Official who knows and correctly applies the rules and is recognized by players, coaches, and tournament directors for officiating in a fair and respectful manner. The nominee works in a collegial manner with other officials and tournament organizers on and off the court.


Edwin Goodman Family of the Year*

Awarded to the USTA New England family that as a group has contributed the most to tennis in New England. All members of the family must be USTA members and must be active in volunteering in some or all of the following: Serving as a volunteer in fostering tennis in one or more of the age divisions and at least one or all levels of the USTA in such activities as conducting tournaments, developing and/or sustaining junior and adults programs, holding office(s) at any level of the USTA, volunteer coaching, competing in tennis, and enriching the game of tennis in other related activities over a number of years.


Gardner Ward Chase Memorial Award

Awarded to an individual who has made outstanding lifetime contributions to tennis in New England. This is the highest honor an individual can receive from USTA New England. The nominee must have provided exemplary contributions over a period of ten or more years. To be considered for the award, the nominee must show or have shown a unique passion for tennis and inspired countless others to contribute to the sport.


Wheelchair Tennis Player of the Year

Awarded to an individual who has made the most impact on Wheelchair Tennis in New England in the past year. The individual must be an active player.


Special Tennis Event of the Year

Awarded to an outstanding New England tennis event worthy of special recognition. The event can be, but is not limited to a tournament, fundraiser, a play event, etc.


Tennis on Campus Club of the Year*

Awarded to a Tennis On Campus program for significant contributions made to the USTA Tennis On Campus program on their respective campus. Eligible applicants will be current college club tennis teams in good standing with their college or university and the USTA.



 * Denotes the winner of the category will be the nominee for USTA New England for the National Award.


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