Careers Beyond the Court: Coaching

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There are two basic things every tennis coach must have: a love of tennis and great communication skills. Coaching is very rewarding. It involves sharing your love of the game with players who are learning it, and helping them develop the skills they need to get better at it. Coaches motivate players to do their best, regardless of the situation. They must recognize individual players’ needs, analyze strengths and weaknesses, and develop lesson plans to address those needs. Coaches inspire players. They’re able to connect with players and do what it takes to help them succeed.


A tennis coach might work at a school, sports club, recreation department (i.e. city facility or park), or country club. They might instruct children, teenagers, or adults, in groups, or individually. Some coaches help players reach the high school or even collegiate level. Others, like high-performance coaches, work strictly with professional athletes. Most tennis coaches work outdoors in warm weather, so it’s important that they understand how to help their students maintain peak physical and mental performance by staying hydrated and taking adequate rest breaks.

Potential Compensation Range:

$24,742 – $91,823 per year (according to PayScale)


Surprising Fact:

It’s no surprise that tennis helps kids develop better spatial awareness and coordination, but did you know that coaches also help instill confidence, respectfulness, and mental toughness in their players?


Steps to a career in coaching might include:
  • Having great tennis skills
  • Having in-depth knowledge of the game of tennis
  • Studying Sports/Exercise Science
  • Volunteering/working as a tennis coach to gain experience
  • Getting a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, Kinesiology, Biomechanics or Sports/Exercise Science
Tennis coaches enjoy:
  • Teaching
  • Competition
  • Working outdoors in the sunshine
  • Helping tennis players improve their game
  • Working with athletes one-on-one and/or in small groups
Questions to Ask:
  • What’s interesting about this career path to me ?
  • What skills do I already have that are a great fit for this career path?
  • What experiences do I already have that might support my success in this field?
  • What kind of educational experiences do I want to pursue after high school?
Who Can I Talk To?
  • Guidance Counselors or Career Education Advisors
  • Local Coaches or Tennis Professionals
  • Colleges/Universities that specialize in tennis-related careers
  • School Coaches
  • Physical Education Teachers


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