Careers Beyond the Court: Hospitality

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Like being in charge? Hospitality careers allow you to combine your love of tennis with the practical side of running a sports-oriented business. One minute you’ll find yourself doing racquet repair. The next, you might be calling a technician who specializes in court maintenance. After that, you might be looking over accounts or fixing a computer issue. It’s all in a day’s work for someone in the Hospitality field. Careers in Hospitality make use of a wide range of knowledge and skills: everything from player development to accounting; from principles of marketing to resort management; from computer systems/information technology to sales.


Hospitality careers are great for go-getters who like a fast-paced environment. Although it’s also fairly casual and relaxed, no two days are ever exactly the same. A person in a Hospitality career might work at a health club, a resort, a city or municipal government, or even at a large company like Wilson or Nike. No matter where you work, though, being able to keep your cool no matter what happens is a real advantage for people in this field. People in Hospitality careers can expect to split their time between duties that keep them inside the office/pro shop/locker rooms and activities that let them get outside and onto the courts.

Potential Compensation Range

 $26,389 – $208,197 per  year (according to GlassDoor


Surprising Fact

In 2013, the hospitality industry created 265 million jobs globally. That’s 8.9% of total employment worldwide! By 2024, it will have created 346 million jobs, or 10.2% of total employment – it’s a growing  opportunity!


People who work in Hospitality careers enjoy
  • Making people feel welcome
  • Ensuring customers have a great experience
  • Trouble-shooting  and problem-solving
  • Finding practical solutions
  • Marketing their business and making sales
  • Managing people, budgets, and facilities


Steps to a career in Hospitality might include
  • Having great tennis skills
  • Joining clubs like FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)
  • Volunteering/working in a youth program or at a tennis facility
  • Taking courses in accounting, business, retail, or marketing
  • Getting a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Professional Tennis Management, or Hospitality Management
Questions to Ask
  • What’s interesting about this career path to me ?
  • What skills do I already have that are a great fit for this career path?
  • What experiences do I already have that might support my success in this field?
  • What kind of educational experiences do I want to pursue after high school?


Who Can I Talk To?
  • Guidance Counselors or Career Education Advisors
  • Local Tennis Professional
  • Colleges/Universities that specialize in tennis-related careers
  • Parents
  • Sports, Tennis, or Country Club  Managers
  • School Tennis Coach


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