Careers Beyond the Court: Technical Innovations

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Do you love having all the latest gadgets and gizmos just to see how they work? If you’re also passionate about tennis, a career in technical innovations is a great place for your inquisitive mind! People who work in this area may focus on making improvements and adaptations to existing tennis equipment. Or, they might come up with ideas for completely new materials, strings, racquet designs, balls, court surfaces, nets, training equipment, or player analysis programs using the latest technological advancements.


In addition to a love of tennis, you’ll need strong computer, research, and problem-solving skills. For a career in technical innovations, you’ll also need a strong interest in STEM subjects (i.e. science, technology, engineering, and math). Who knows? You might be the one to come up with the next great thing that will make the game of tennis even better!

People who work in technical innovations careers can expect to work in collaborative environments. They might work for a large company that makes sports equipment, or a startup that makes software to analyze player performance. They mostly work indoors, studying and testing new materials or checking out the physical properties of potential designs. Putting physical science to use in practical applications is part of the fun!


Potential Compensation Range:

$40,770 – $130,050 per year (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics)


Surprising Fact:

From humble beginnings in wood, to aluminum, to graphite, to the current use of blends of tungsten or titanium with graphite, technical innovations in racquets alone have totally modernized the game.


Steps to a career in Technical Innovations might include:
  • Taking science, technology, engineering and/or math courses
  • Taking courses in CAD (computer-aided design)
  • Studying Sports Science
  • Getting involved in your school’s robotics/engineering club
  • Getting a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Engineering, Sports Technology, or Mechanical Engineering
Careers in Technical Innovations involve:
  • Figuring out how things work
  • Being good at STEM subjects
  • Collaborating with others
  • Working to improve tennis equipment, materials, surfaces, training programs, etc.
Questions to Ask:
  • What’s interesting about this career path to me ?
  • What skills do I already have that are a great fit for this career path?
  • What experiences do I already have that might support my success in this field?
  • What kind of educational experiences do I want to pursue after high school?
Who Can I Talk To?
  • Guidance Counselors or Career Education Advisors
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Teachers
  • Colleges/Universities that specialize in tennis-related careers
  • Parents
  • Engineers
  • Tennis Professionals


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