Officiating Certification Regulations

The Officiating Certification Structure benefits Officials in every discipline and at all levels. There is a clear pathway for development and grassroots officiating is at the forefront with two of the three levels focusing on community officiating.

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Understand the Certification Structure

USTA Officiating: Full Certification Regulations


Section I: General - This section is an overview of the certification cycle and general requirements


Section II: Certification Structure and Requirements - This section outlines the requirements to gain or maintain each Tier for each officiating discipline.


Section III: Administration and Governance - This section outlines the record-keeping and amendments. 


Section IV: Glossary - This section defines the terms used within the Certification Regulations document.


Certification Flow Chart

USTA Certified Official (qualified to officiate as a Roving Umpire)


Roving  Umpire




Chair Umpire


Line Umpire


Chief Umpire

Webinar 101 Recording: October 13, 2022


  • Certification Statuses
  • Work and Education Requirements
  • Advancements and Regressions


Webinar 102 Recording: October 19, 2022


  • Conversion Process
  • Continual Learning

Continual Learning and Development

Summarizes what learning credits are, how many you need to earn, the difference between general and tennis knowledge, and how to earn each type.

This user guide is a reference to outline how USTA Officiating webinar participants can access the LRC (Learning Resource Center) to enroll in upcoming sessions.

This user guide is a reference to outline how USTA Officials can access the LRC (Learning Resource Center) to complete qualifying training items and track completion credits for the annual Officials Certification.

This document summarizes all the modules available in the LRC (Learning Resource Enter) with their credit value. 

Continual Learning 101 - February 22, 2023


  • Overview of the Continual Learning Philosphy
  • How Credits can be earned and tracked
  • Tools within the LRC

Continual Learning 102 - March 15, 2023


  • USTA Officiating Online Learning and In-Person Workshops
  • Determining your next continuous learning steps

Frequently Asked Questions

During the 2022 - 2023 certification cycle, Officials will be required to earn 4 continual learning credits in order to qualify for recertification into the 2023 - 24 certification cycle.

To earn continual learning credits, you must be an active USTA certified Official. Continual learning credits will be earned by completing designated modules and webinars in the Officiating LRC, In-Person Workshops, and Centers of Excellence.

You can only earn credit once for completing an online course or learning experience.
Example: If you complete an online course and earn credit for it, you will not earn credit for completing it again in future years. If you receive credit for attending a live webinar, you will not receive credit for watching the recording.

The type of events that count towards your work record vary based on discipline and certification level. Please see the certification tables for specific requirements.

To add work records on OfficialsFirst, log into your account and go to the “My Record” tab and then click “Add Record”.  In the pop-up box, enter all the relevant event information, including the name, date, category, Referee/Supervisor or Chief Umpire, and your event role(s).  Please note that some roles have additional questions.  Once all the information is added, click “Submit”.  If you do not see the “Submit” button, click the Ctrl - keys together to zoom out the window.

Yes, all USTA Certified Officials are qualified to rove. 

You can find this information in the Certification Regulations document under Section II.I Certification Advancements and Regressions.

Once you have completed the requirements, please complete this form (click here) to notify the Officiating Department.  Please note that it might take a few days for us to review your account and add your certifications back to your OfficialsFirst account.

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