Getting ready for the new ‘normal’

Mark Faber | June 09, 2020

Our facility, like many, has questions concerning what the new “normal” will eventually look like when the coronavirus pandemic subsides. Our owner has continually challenged us during this time to be as prepared as we can be for reopening our facility and our programs—which is, obviously, tough to do with so many unknowns ahead.


There are, however, some things that I’m sure many in our industry have done and are doing now—for instance, all the extra cleaning needed for the facility and grounds, getting your courts in shape in anticipation of players coming back, determining traffic flow through your facility and to and from the courts, etc. Those are all fairly obvious. 

But there are other items that we also need to address that will put us in a better position as we look to get our players and our business back.


* Here at Twos Athletic Club, we’ve been in touch with our members that had paid for tennis lessons and clinics pre COVID-19 and informed them of how their credits will move forward.


* We’ve put together all new session dates for the entire year. The start date reflects what we believe makes the most sense and is based on state and local guidelines.


* Our program pricing model (new) reflects what we believe the economic environment will be. Our model has progressive pricing that will eventually have us back to full pricing in one year.


* We’ve created low-price play options to replace current play options. The options will be easier on a financial level and require less of a commitment.


* We will start a marketing campaign that will share what we have done during this time and how we will be addressing many of the gathering (class) size issues as well as our health precautions.


Obviously preparing for the unknown is difficult. We do know that tennis is in a prime position coming out of this for growth. All that we’re doing now is based on the big-picture opportunity.




USPTA Elite Professional Mark Faber is the director of tennis at Twos Athletic Club in Toledo, Ohio.

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