Breakfast:  Most important meal of the day

Tara Gidus Collingwood | November 24, 2017

Breakfast is the meal that “breaks the fast” from the previous night’s slumber and supplies the body with an initial burst of fuel. Breakfast also sets the tone for the day, increases healthy eating habits throughout the day and increases metabolic rate.


What To Eat?

Eat a nutritious breakfast with slow burning foods (e.g., whole grains, eggs, fruit, dairy). These will give you long-lasting energy and aid in controlling your appetite. Limit foods that are heavy in refined sugars (e.g., pastries, doughnuts). These are often high in calories, don’t contain many essential nutrients and may leave you feeling drained.  


Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Greek Yogurt + Granola + Fruit

English Muffin + Scrambled Eggs + Cheese

Tortilla + Eggs + Cheese + Beans + Salsa

Whole Grain Cereal or Oatmeal + Milk

Cottage Cheese + Fruit Smoothie 

Whole Wheat Bagel + Peanut Butter + Jelly

Toast + Smashed Avocado + Hard-Boiled Egg 


When To Eat?

Aim to eat breakfast within an hour of waking up.


What if you’re not hungry in the morning? Too often we train our bodies to ignore hunger and skip meals. If this is the case, it’s time to retrain your body to recognize hunger and want food in the morning. 


What if you’re working out early in the day? If your body can’t tolerate a full meal at this time, start with something small that’s easy to digest (e.g., fruit, dry cereal, yogurt). Then eat a more substantial meal after your workout.




Tara Gidus Collingwood is a nationally recognized expert and spokesperson on nutrition, fitness and health promotion.  She is currently the nutrition consultant to the USTA National Campus with Andrews Institute and Nemours, the team dietitian for the Orlando Magic NBA team, the nutrition consultant to University of Central Florida Athletic Department and a nutrition and exercise executive coach at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute.



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