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Staying healthy on & off the court

Elizabeth Chaffin & Dr. Alexis Colvin  |  January 1, 2017

Ask yourself these questions to make sure you’re taking care of yourself on and off the court:


Are my clothes dry? Make sure to change out of damp clothes as soon as a practice or match is finished to prevent skin irritation.


Are my clothes clean? Make sure to wear clean clothes to prevent skin irritation.


Did I shower? All players must shower prior to treatment for both player and for sports medicine therapists, as protection to prevent the spread of infection and illness. This means hair must be washed as well. When you travel to matches, always bring an extra towel to shower.


Did I wash my hands? Frequent, thorough hand washing can prevent incidence of illness and infections. Make sure to wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water, and don’t forget your thumbs and the back of your hands.



Do I have hand sanitizer? Always carry hand sanitizer for situations where soap and water are not available (e.g., airplanes) to minimize your chance of catching illness or infection.


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Elizabeth Chaffin is the coordinator of medical for the USTA, and Dr. Alexis Colvin is the USTA's Chief Medical Officer.


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